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    Reader Question: Finding Motivation

    July 6, 2013 Amanda Cross 3 min read
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    I am here to answer another reader question and I am sorry to xochrissaymariexo for taking so unbearably long to get to your question. With the new month I completely blanked, and I would blame yolo, but it’s completely my fault. Anyway, here are my ideas for finding motivation when you are pretty sure you there is no motivation left to have!

     Reader Question: Finding Motivation | Finding motivation in college can be very difficult for students, but it doesn't have to be. Click through for five tips that are helpful for finding your motivation in college even when you don't think you have any.

    Set goals

    A lot of motivation-less happens when you aren’t sure what your goals are. Take a few minutes each week to write down your weekly goals and go over your long term goals. Make sure that at least some of your short term goals are helping you reach your long term goals. Knowing that you are making progress is instantly one of the best motivators in the world.

    Make a jar of love/inspiration notes to yourself

    Sit down before school starts and get a mason jar and some really tiny scraps of paper. Right down a ton of inspirational sayings and things that make you happy. Highlight your best and worst features in a positive light and get yourself motivated. Not only will this give you a boost while you are writing them, but when you sit down at your desk to study later during the semester and you just can’t get motivated you can pull out your jar of inspiration and get motivated all over again!

    Strive to be around people who motivate you

    If you hang around a lot of motivational people, you will be more motivated! Try to let go of the people who constantly put you down, and hang around people who are positive role models in your life. Everyone has flaws, but don’t let the flaws of people bring you down. Study with people who motivate you to be a better person, and when you feel deflated look to those people for a helping hand. You can get a whole motivation group together of people to inspire each other and have faith in each other. It can be your group of best friends or classmates. If you have people who believe in you, you are more likely to be motivated to succeed.

    Collages work wonders

    This is an idea that is in every single post ever made about motivation, but collages are a wonderful way to get organized and motivated. Whether you make one for your computer background so it’s the first thing you see when you open up your computer or you make one for your walls collages are the perfect way to get motivated. My only tip is that if you are using collages for workout purposes use healthy role models. You can use collages for a number of different things. Want to graduate, get a bunch of pretty grad cap pictures from the internet, pictures of graduations, and the like and make a collage. Want to be a better artist grab all your favorite art pieces from the internet and make a collage with them. Want to be a better cook, grab all the tasty looking dishes you can find and make a collage with those images! Collages can be motivational in so many ways.

    Don’t be afraid to take a step back

    Motivation can be a bit hard to come by sometimes, and it sucks. Don’t be afraid to take a small break for an hour and get your mind together. Take a coffee break, a thirty minute nap, a walk around the house, or do some laundry. Take a kit kat break and come back at it re-charged. Sometimes to get motivation you need to step back and get the full picture again.

    I hope these tips helped anyone who is feeling a little less motivated lately. Thanks again to xochrissymariexo for this wonderful question.

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