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    66 Random Facts About Me (Revisited)

    September 15, 2017 Amanda Cross 14 min read
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    This week was a bit hard for me content wise. I think the fact that my latest post had to come out on a Tuesday instead of a Monday threw me all the way off, but today I looked back into my past blog posts and looked at one I had drafted because it didn't feel like it fit in with my current theme.

    This post was written originally back in November of 2013, so almost 4 years ago! It's crazy to think about how much I have grown.

    I am bolding my 66 random facts about me updates, and the original answers are not bold.

    Original: November 25th, 2013

    First Update: September 15th, 2017

    So if you are like me you have been seeing a ton of number games lately on your timeline, where you comment and are given a random number, then you must write that many facts about yourself. I did this with, and the number they gave me is 66, strap yourself in for a long ride.

     66 Random Facts About Me (Revisited) | Years ago in November of 2013 I wrote a piece featuring 66 random facts about myself. I decided to revisit those facts, share updates, funny stories, and just include more about those facts in today's post. Click through to read more!

    1. My Myers-Briggs score is usually INFP, but the last time I took it, it was INFJ. 

    I still hover around this, but now thanks to Adam Ruins Everything, I know the Myers-Briggs test is a lie.

    2. I have a tattoo of five stars on my arm.

    I still have this tattoo, and it's the only one I have as of now. Here is a recent-ish picture of my tattoo and this cute cup you can get on Etsy here.

    3. Stars have always had a special meaning in my heart, when I’d get sad and miss people I’d look to the stars and such and be a little less sad.

    Stars still mean a lot to me, although they are rather hard to find now-a-days.

    4. I want my next tattoo to say “Only thyself can thyself harm” I am not sure where I want this to go.

    I never got this tattooed on my body, and I am not sure I would want this to be my next tattoo now. I think I want my next tattoo to be one with my sister. We need to decide soon (hey sister, if you are reading this, we need to decide soon!)

    5. I am a junior in college.

    I am most definitely not a junior in college anymore. I am a Master's graduate who is maybe trying to avoid getting a PhD, and maybe not trying to avoid it. So, I am a confused graduate essentially.

    6. I want to go to graduate school before I am forced to go into the working world.

    I accomplished this, but I am not sure if I would consider myself in the working world right now.

    7. I really want to get into a college student personal administration program.

    I did not go to graduate school for this, although sometimes I think that would have been cool. I ended up going for sociology instead.

    8. If I could work in any part of college I would work in retention. It’s kind of my secret love because I want to create programs that help people get involved and stay involved in college so they don’t leave.

    If I could work in any department of college, I still think I would love this area. So much of my blog is dedicated toward keeping people in school and giving advice about college, so I think that would translate well.

    9. Before I came to college I did not like pitch blackness in my room, but now I can’t sleep with even my charger light for my phone or laptop in the way.

    I think this is a matter of my room, honestly. Now that I am back home, I hate pitch blackness. I think it's the fact that there is a mirror and a closet in my room. So now, I always have the glare of my television on in my room.

    10. My first concert was My Chemical Romance and The Black Parade with Muse…I was a very lucky teenager.

    This was still my first concert, but you want to know something even cooler? My last concert was Beyonce on her Formation World Tour!

    11. I wish that I was born in the late 70s so that I could have been a 90s teenager…they seriously had the best music ever. Although I am rather happy that I wasn’t born that long ago, because I like being 20.

    Now that I think back, I am not sure if I would want to be born in the late 70s. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be on the timeline. I like all these modern conviences.

    12. I still get carded for r-rated movies sometimes, and it’s stupid. I mean you only have to be 17 to watch them and I am 20…merr.

    Yeah, this still happens sometimes even though I am 24. It doesn't happen as often as it did back then, but, it still happens.

    13. I am addicted to getting too involved in things.

    I am definitely not as addicted to this as I was back in college, but I have to say that I am still pretty addicted to this.

    14. In my first college yearbook, I have a really crazy name—because they got my information wrong. It was definitely a yearbook keeper.

    This still happened to me, lol.

    15. My false name for creepers is Amelia—I decided this after someone at Starbucks heard my name wrong.

    I have never actually used this in real life, but I think that I will have to do this more. #BringBackAmelia2k17

    16. I am not a partier. I can count on two hands how many parties I have been to since I came to college. #partyforever.

    This has not changed much, and potentially gotten worse. I am a major hermit, but I can't people for too long without getting tired.

    17. I saw Catching Fire this weekend, I cried during some parts, but more than anything I am ready for the next movie.

    I didn't see this movie this weekend. I would LOVE to see IT this weekend though, I have heard so many great things about this movie.

    18. My favorite meal from IHOP is their cinnatoast—of which they don’t carry anymore—and that makes me very sad.

    Cinnatoast was seriously the Why doesn't IHOP sell this anymore? Now I just have to get basic things like strawberry cheesecake pancakes or some stuff like that.

    19. I am more of a waffle girl, but pancakes are okay, mostly when my dad makes them.

    I still stand by this statement. Waffles all the way, except when my dad makes pancakes.

    20. I am only a good cook when it comes to following directions on a box.

    I like to think that I can follow all sorts of directions now. Directions on a sheet of paper, directions on a video, etc. Earlier this summer I made this delicious Chicken Parm Bake with Roasted Broccoli I learned about from a Tasty video that you can watch here.

    21. I use Regions bank.

    I still use Regions bank, although I tell myself I need to get a new bank like every week.

    22. I have never lost my student id (knock on wood)

    This is no longer true. I lost my graduate school Student ID once. I had to get a new one made. Then a few months later one of my roommates found it in the living room. It was rather annoying because I had already had another made months before.

    23. My favorite show at the moment is a toss up between Parks and Recreation and Undercover Boss (weird combo I know.)

    I have SO many favorite shows at the moment to be honest. I think I will just list five of my recent favorite shows:

    1. The Mindy Project

    2. Rick & Morty

    3. Scandal

    4. Bojack Horseman

    5. Designated Survivor

    24. At the moment I am reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which I hope to finish before the semester is over—although it’s not looking bright…if only I could just skip school and delve deep into fiction land.

    Since then, Rainbow Rowell has become one of my favorite authors! I am not really reading anything exciting at the moment, mainly just random books about blogging.

    25. I am a tour guide/ambassador for my university.

    I am no longer this, mainly because I have graduated college years ago.

    26. I have given tours in a variety of temperatures and settings including snow, rain, and heat as well as walking and bus tours.

    This is still true, albeit all of this happened a long time ago now.

    27. I hated the bus tour I gave with a passion. 

    Still true, I was so awkward when I gave it, and I wasn't sure when to stop and share something and when to shut up. Bus tours were not for me.

    28. I am very socially awkward. Sometimes you can’t tell because I surround myself with people of like minds.

    I definitely feel this still. I am not sure what the second part of this really means though. Can you not tell because I surround myself with other socially awkward people? I am confused.

    29. I can never just read one Buzzfeed article.

    This is still somewhat true, I suppose, although I don't really go on the Buzzfeed site much anymore.

    30. I spent part of my Sunday watching people read the mean Delta Gamma email from a while ago—there are a lot of good versions of it floating around Youtube land.

    I spent part of my last Sunday not doing this. I am not sure why I did this before. I should have spent part of my Sunday sleeping.

    31. I don’t watch a lot of television unless it’s on my laptop—and even then I don’t watch it that much.

    This is not very accurate anymore, because I have started watching way more television. Also, I either watch on my iPad now or the big television that I got for Christmas.

    32. I know so many shows by the mass amount of people talking about them on my Tumblr feed—but I haven’t really watched them. 

    I still feel the same way. There are some shows I have never watched a day in my life, but I feel like I know a lot about them because of social media (not just my Tumblr feed.)

    33. Some of my favorite authors are Ellen Hopkins and John Green.

    I still love these authors and I am SO excited for John Green's new book that is coming out later this year!

    Turtles All the Way Down


    By John Green

    34. I used to own one My Chemical Romance shirt for every day of the week, but when I moved during high school they got lost in the shuffle.

    I love that this used to be my wardrobe. I don't buy band merch as much as I used to. Now, I usually only buy it if I am at a concert or something like that.

    35. I am a procrastinator—or I am awesome at waiting until the last moment.

    Yeah, this still resonates with me big time.

    36. Today I get to see one of my journalistic idols—Lisa Ling on my campus.

    Seeing Lisa Ling was wonderful. I still remember getting to see her and meet her when she signed my book.

    37. I once got to see The Whitest Kids U’Know on my campus and I freaked out because they did some of my favorite skits and they were awesome. 

    That was still a great time. Here is one of my favorite sketches from this group.

    38. I am a dog lady, although the pet deposit at my apartment is insane so I will be loving them from afar for now.

    Even though I don't live in an apartment right now, I still think it will be a second before I get a puppy. Although, it's on the agenda!

    39. Golden retrievers/Labrador retrievers or any combination including Golden retrievers/Labrador retrievers are my fave dogs.

    Yes! These are still my favorite kind of puppers.

    40. My top five favorite bands are: Kings of Leon, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Silversun Pickups, and Foster the People.

    I would probably arrange this list a bit to this:

    Kings of Leon, My Chemical Romance, Silversun Pickups, Foster The People, and Dr. Dog.

    Check out my Top 15 favorite artists and bands that I shared last week.

    41. My favorite 90s bands are: Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Dave Matthews Band.

    I feel that this is still pretty accurate for me.

    42. I have a whole playlist of songs that aren’t all super love songs, but I’d like a guy to sing to me one day. It’s literally called “strange love songs && things i wish you would sing to me” It features stuff from DMB, Stabbing Westward, The Cardigans, P!NK, Tal Bachman, and more!

    I still have this playlist. I love listening to it every blue moon.

    43. I got my first iPhone this year. It’s a 4. I got on my mom’s plan after the phone I had at the end of last semester got rained on and in—even though it was in my pocket. I tried to turn it on before people told me not to and just to put it in rice—I fried it.

    I don't have a iPhone 4 anymore, I have a iPhone 6S. Funny story, though. I got a replacement phone earlier this summer because mine was acting really funny, getting really hot, and hanging up on people all the time. Then a few weeks after I got my replacement phone I went to the movies with my family, dropped my phone because it wasn't in a case, and now it has a giant crack on it. So, I need to always put my upcoming phones in a case forever and ever.

    44. I am a lost duckling without my planner. It contains a lot of stuff about my schedule and test dates.

    I do okay without a consistent planner I think, as long as I make a daily to-do list of things I need to do that day. But I don't have a ton of stuff that I do now like college work and sorority stuff.

    45. I check my email many times throughout the day. Pretty much any important email address I have is sent to my phone—yay for the magic of the iPhone!

    I still do this. I am an obsessive email checker even four years later.

    46. My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream.

    This is still the case.

    47. I am obsessed with white chocolate and like it five hundred times better than most chocolate. I am not even really sure if white chocolate is chocolate—but it’s so darn good.

    I agree with four years ago Amanda on this. If only she knew that in the future there would be white chocolate Kit-Kats that are literally the bee's knees.

    48. My favorite cake is German chocolate cake with all the fixings. You can’t just give me the cake part and call it German chocolate cake—I need the icing too!

    German Chocolate cake is the best cake, true past me!

    49. I have a bad sweet tooth—I think I get it from my dad.

    I definitely got this from my dad. Sweet things for life.

    50. I really like cheese, but who doesn’t.

    Yeah, past Amanda, you were really running out of things here.

    51. I could probably live off potatoes—although I wouldn’t really recommend that for myself. But there are so many great things that come from potatoes like mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, fried potatoes, smashed potatoes, I could really go on and on.

    I still think this, although for a bit I was eating a lot of potatoes and they aren't really nutritionally sound. I would often get hungry after a bit, #BrokeCollegeStudentProblems. Also, for certain potato based foods like smashed potatoes and mashed potatoes, I can't eat long because of the repeated texture of it all. It gets on my nerves after a while.

    52. I love honey barbecue wings—they are my favorite—but I only like them boneless, because bones get in the way.

    I definitely still agree with this. Pizza Hut's Wing Wednesday is the absolute best because you can get so many wings for cheap during it.

    53. I frequently play apps for a very long time on my phone, get bored with them and then delete them. Case in point my addictions to High School Story and Campus Life, all of which ended when I got bored and moved on.

    I am still doing this to this day. My current favorite apps are probably doomed to be deleted soon.

    54. One app I have yet to get tired of—Colormania. Colormania is my home skillet biscuit.

    I need to go look this up right now because I am not even sure what the french toast Colormania even is. I just looked it up, apparently it's just an app where you guess the colors that should be a part of pictures? I am downloading it now.

    55. My favorite store is Maurices—I wish that whole store was just my closet.

    I don't really care for Maurices any more. I feel like they don't have the best plus-size clothes anymore. I really love Old Navy, Torrid, Fashion To Figure, and ELOQUII at the moment (I am even doing a post with ELOQUII next Friday!)

    The outfit above features stuff from both Old Navy & Fashion To Figure. See that post here.

    56. My favorite genre of books is young adult fiction.

    This is definitely still one of my favorite genres, as you can tell by my favorite authors mentioned earlier.

    57. My LinkedIn account is my baby and I often go in to my account to improve it and make it better and change things around.

    My LinkedIn profile is still everything to me. Connect with me here.

    58. I don’t really like ceiling fans that make a lot of noise. They scare me and I think they are going to fall one day.

    I am still scared of this. My ceiling fan in my apartment my junior and senior year was so squeaky, but I haven't had one in my room since then thankfully.

    59. I love to write, but I am better at non-fiction stuff than creative writing.

    I still believe this is true. I used to be great at creative writing, but overtime I have been more on the nonfiction side of things.

    60. If I am feeling lazy I will put a zero in front of a folder name so it’s easier to find when I am putting pictures or documents in it.

    I do this sometimes, but not as often as I used to because I don't have to create as many folders now.

    61. I have no actual music on my iPhone—but I do have my Amazon Cloud Player app on my phone so that I can listen to music that way.

    I have a few things on my iPhone (like Beyonce's Lemonade album because I was tired of paying for Tidal just to listen to one album.) For other music listening I use my Spotify app.

    62. If I could get paid to get on Pinterest—that would be the best job ever.

    I am definitely looking to expand my business offerings to include Pinterest management. It has been on my brain lately.

    63. I have a google voice number, and during my past big/little week I used it to text my little. VoIP numbers are the best.

    I still have a Google Voice number. It is very practical. For example, if you text me from my Instagram profile, it's really my Google Voice number you can text. Then it transfers that to my phone and I can respond from there or the Google Voice site/app.

    64. As a small part-time job I make calls for the Admissions office about various things—I have gotten hung up on a number of times.

    I don't have this job anymore (obviously) but it was definitely an adventure. At the moment I am a freelance writer and blogger.

    65. My favorite color is yellow.

    This is still true, although as I tell people, I don't actually wear a ton of yellow (although I have started getting more yellow pieces.)

    66. My favorite Lilly Print is U Gotta Regatta.

    This is definitely still my favorite Lilly print! It will probably always be.

    Okay, somehow I made an already long af blog post even longer. I am so excited that I decided to do this though because I love being able to revisit these answers Maybe in a few years I will revisit this again with even more updated answers?!

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