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    9 Daily Newsletters You’ll Love Subscribing To

    August 31, 2020 Savanna Pruitt 6 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    We all know how annoying it is to log into our inboxes every morning and see a few (or a lot of) random newsletters sitting there that we don’t even remember subscribing to. If you do remember subscribing to them, you might be disappointed to see their content isn’t what you were hoping for.

    What if I told you there are some daily newsletters out there you’ll enjoy reading and will learn a lot from? Here are nine great daily newsletters you’ll love subscribing to.


    1. The Daily Skimm

    This daily newsletter will hit your inbox each weekday morning. Every newsletter features five or six top news stories along with a little breakdown of what the issues are and why they are important.

    I appreciate that The Daily Skimm links to reputable outside sources, so you know you’re getting accurate information. It breaks current events down and makes them easier to digest. You’ll also get a cool daily quote with each edition.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From The Daily Skimm:

    • NRA Lawsuit, Trump’s TikTok Order, and “E! News” Canceled
    • Schools, Trump’s Financial Records, and Lifetime’s First LGBTQ+ Holiday Movie
    • Evictions, China, and Taylor Swift’s New Album

    If you get a little overwhelmed by a constant flow of news like I do, subscribe to The Daily Skimm.

    2. Morning Brew

    This is another informative daily newsletter that’ll make you feel a little smarter every time you read it. Morning Brew breaks down their information into sections like Tech, Economy, and Education. Like The Daily Skimm, this newsletter links to trusted outside sources to help you get more information.

    Plus, they sprinkle a few topical GIFs and witty quips in each issue. It’s an excellent read for anyone wanting to catch up on the news quickly.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From Morning Brew:

    • SnapTok – Google launches a $350 phone…
    • Instagram is reeling – Why did Netflix stock drop?
    • Game, set, match – What’s worse than rising seas?

    Subscribe to Morning Brew for a steaming cup of info Monday through Saturday.

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    3. Stella Spoils

    This one is a little on the lighter side. Stella Spoils will hit your inbox daily with suggestions for cool Instagram accounts to follow, trendy outfit ideas, current music picks, and good reads.

    I’ve discovered some pretty cool new music artists through reading a few editions of this newsletter.

    Here Are A Few Recent Stories Featured In Stella Spoils:

    • What We’re Eyeing: Spring Fringe Binge
    • What We’re Reading: I Walked 600 Miles Across Japan for Pizza Toast
    • What We’re Reading: What Do the World’s Best Chefs Keep in Their Fridges?

    Stella Spoils is a great daily newsletter to subscribe to if you want to stay up-to-date on the trends.

     4. Now I Know

    If you consider yourself to be a lifelong learner, Now I Know is your new best friend. This newsletter delivers one interesting random fact or tidbit to your inbox each day. Most issues also include a bonus fact— yay for more learning!

    After a few weeks of reading Now I Know each day, you’ll officially be able to call yourself a Trivia Master.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From Now I Know:

    • The Color of Fraud
    • The Post Office That’s Underwater
    • The One Thing You Can’t Do in IKEA

    If you’re interested in learning a little something new every day, I highly suggest subscribing to Now I Know.

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    5. The Hustle Daily

    Here’s another daily newsletter option for you if you want to stay updated on news and current events. Each edition of The Hustle Daily features a few key news stories. The writers break down each story to show you why they matter and how they affect you.

    In addition to the featured stories, the writers of The Hustle Daily give you five to ten snippets of other news stories you might want to read a little more about.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From The Hustle Daily:

    • From sales job to Fortune 500 CEO
    • A dating app for missed connections? We investigate
    • Summer side hustles for the pandemic era

    Sound like something you’d like to read? You can subscribe here.


    6. Robinhood Snacks

    The world of finance can be confusing and overwhelming. I get anxious as soon as I start thinking about things like investing and retirement. It’s important to stay informed and have an idea of how the economy is faring, though.

    Robinhood Snacks delivers a daily newsletter that informs you of how some of the most popular global stocks are doing. Their newsletter also breaks down a few more in-depth stories about the economy and lets you know how the issues will affect your wallet. Each edition includes a quick fact or two.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From Robinhood Snacks:

    • Disney’s ecosystem error
    • TikTok’s future (or lack thereof)
    • Kim K = Unicorn of the Day

    If you’re looking for some help making informed decisions about your finances and staying current on the global economy, you should subscribe to Robinhood Snacks.

    7. Atlas Obscura

    If you’re obsessed with traveling (or at least the idea of traveling), this is the perfect daily newsletter for you. Each edition of Atlas Obscura includes info about the neatest travel destinations and travel news. Even if you aren’t looking to plan a trip right now, this newsletter is still so fun to read!

    Plus, Atlas Obscura sometimes includes links to amazing Airbnbs and cool experiences or excursions you can book.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From Atlas Obscura:

    • Solved: Stonehenge’s biggest mystery
    • For sale: A haunted mansion in Ireland
    • Meet the badass Black cowboys of Compton, California

    I’m willing to bet you’ll find at least one destination to add to your travel bucket list after reading a few editions of Atlas Obscura. You can subscribe here.

     8. Album Daily

    This is one of my favorite daily newsletters on this list. Album Daily will deliver a new album suggestion to your inbox every single day. Each newsletter edition includes an album suggestion and a short description of the album, along with links to where you can listen to it.

    I love that Album Daily also gives you a shortlist of top tracks from each album they feature and suggests similar artists.

    Here Are A Few Albums Recently Highlighted By Album Daily:

    • Superbloom- MisterWives
    • To Pimp a Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar
    • The Dirty South- Drive-By Truckers

    If you’re always on the lookout for new music to listen to, I highly recommend subscribing to Album Daily.

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    9. 5 Things

    This daily newsletter is CNN’s take on delivering bite-sized news to your inbox. As we’ve already established, keeping up with current events can be overwhelming. 5 Things offers five top news stories to your inbox each day.

    You can either skim the blurbs in the newsletter or click through to read more. Either way, you’ll have an idea of what’s going on in the world each day.

    Here Are A Few Recent Subject Lines From 5 Things:

    • 5 things to know for August 3: Coronavirus, schools, election 2020, stimulus, TikTok
    • Start your week smart: Meteor shower, Shark Week, stimulus plans
    • 5 things to know for August 5: Beirut, coronavirus, election, airlines, Taiwan

    5 Things is perfect for anyone who wants to get a quick overview of global news daily. You can subscribe here.

    There you have it, nine daily newsletters you won’t want to unsubscribe from automatically. Do you have a favorite newsletter?

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  • Christy Garris September 20, 2020 at 4:07 am

    My day almost always starts with reading the newsletters. I know it’s not right, but it’s been my habit for a long time. I like to start my day by reading or watching something interesting.
    I am already subscribed to The Daily Skimm. But from your list, I found some more blogs I am interested in. Thank you!

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