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    Interview With A College Student: Jenna Singer

    May 16, 2017 Amanda Cross 3 min read
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    Happy Tuesday, Babes!

    Today we are starting a brand new series on The Happy Arkansan called Interview With A College Student. I am so excited about this series and I hope that it helps you get to know the real college students that are taking classes all across the country. You can learn from so many people, whether they own a college blog or are just regular college students. Check out this interview with Jenna who attends Kent State University.

     Interview With A College Student: Jenna Singer | Meet college student Jenna Singer! Learn her advice for how she stays sane as a Public Health for Pre-Medicine major involved in multiple organizations on her college campus. Learn why she decided to attend college and what her best study and budget tips are.



    Name: Jenna

    Major: Public Health for Pre-Medicine

    Year: Junior

    What made you decide to attend college?

    Nobody in my family had ever attended college, so I didn't know much about what college was like. In my blue collar Ohio town, going to college is very uncommon. I knew medicine was my calling and that attending college would be necessary in order to achieve my goals.

    What has been the best memory of your collegiate life thus far?

    One of my best memories so far was my first finals week. That sounds very odd, but that was when I learned how much I could handle while under stress. My classmates were also very supportive of each other, so that was when I realized how great my school was.

    What is the best piece of advice you have for incoming freshman?

    Study! If you complete all of your work and put effort into your education, you earn get good grades. Also, join at least one club!

    What organizations are you involved in?

    Pre-Medical Club, American Chemical Society, Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, and Phi Theta Kappa.

    How do you best balance your major with the four organizations that you are involved in? What is your best tip for students who want to be involved in a lot of student organizations?

    Balancing the four organizations I am involved in is very difficult, especially while maintaining my 4.0 GPA, but it is possible! Joining clubs is very important in college, and if you love something you will make time for it. Find organizations that only meet once a month or so, or in between your class times. All of the organizations I am involved in are science related, so often times they plan activities together. Being involved in clubs that relate to your major also you to stay on track with your schoolwork!

    What is your best study tip?

    Everyone learns differently, so it is important to learn which study methods work best for you! I have found that creating my own practice exams/study guides is very effective when studying for exams. Also, explaining topics to others is a great way to study because if you can explain a topic well to another person, you must have a good understanding of the material.

    What is your best tip for sticking to your budget in college?

    Planning! I use excel to plan a monthly budget, and having a clear plan pushes me to stick to it! I allow myself to splurge sometimes (I love thrifting), but having a plan/visual to follow helps me remember my priorities.

    Jenna has some amazing advice and I am so glad that she was the first student that I featured on Interview With A College Student. 

    I would love to feature you on this new series just like I featured Jenna! If you would like to be featured be sure to click the button below to be taken to the survey and start the process of being featured on the blog.

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