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    Pep Talk Monday: Putting Yourself Out There

    July 8, 2013 Amanda Cross 2 min read
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    This weeks pep talk is about doing something we are all a little scared to do: putting yourself out there. It’s hard to do, trust me I know. I am not asking you to make dire changes in your life. I am only asking for you to go out on a limb every once and awhile. Whether with work, school, or the opposite sex put yourself out there in a way that doesn’t stretch your comfort-ability too much.

     Pep Talk Monday: Putting Yourself Out There | For an introvert, putting yourself out there in college and making friends is difficult. Click through for the pep talk you need about the importance of getting out there even as an introvert or someone who is not outgoing.

    Without putting myself out there I wouldn’t be an ambassador on my campus, I wouldn’t write for University Chic or The Prospect, I wouldn’t have found my sisters, and I wouldn’t be a campus representative for Little Problems.

    I am not outgoing, and I probably never will be—but I am leaps and bounds different than I used to be. Baby steps is all I am asking, because I have had my fair share of baby steps—trust me. One step is all it takes to start a whirlwind of change. Take one step in the right direction and all the other steps will be so much easier for you.

    The first step won’t be an easy journey, and sometimes you will get rejected. I was rejected. I interviewed for a part of my school’s Student Government Association called i.d.e.a.l., a group for freshman leaders. I was rejected and I ate a lot of fast food to get it off my mind with a friend. Then I brushed myself off and went on to get involved with other things such as my residence hall’s hall government. I may not have gotten one opportunity but I moved on to another one and another one and so on. Now I am published by the time I am 20 and I am very involved on and off campus. Take that i.d.e.a.l.!

    So the point of all these scribbles is this: you will lose things and you will win things. You may not be able to do all the things you want, but the things you will be able to do will be great. You will be great. Your rejections don’t define you, so don’t let them restrain you.

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