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    This Is Your Sign: Start Right Now

    February 28, 2018 Amanda Cross 5 min read
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    Happy Wednesday Babes,

    Welcome to a new series on The Happy Arkansan we are gonna title, “This Is Your Sign.” It's so easy to push things we want to do away to the future because we are too scared or we are looking for a sign from God. Well, sometimes, those signs come in the form a blogger from Arkansas telling you to do something you know that you should be doing. I just hope that you take these signs seriously.

    This Is Your Sign: Start Right Now |  Welcome to a new series on The Happy Arkansan giving you signs to follow your dreams. Are you having trouble starting the process? Well, this is your sign to start right now. Click through for more helpful tips and inspiration.

    Start Right Now

    Today's sign is simple: start right now. You have SO many ideas inside your brain, and I want you to start planning and doing them right this minute. Do you want to:

    • Write a book? Start right now.
    • Learn an instrument? Start right now.
    • Create a blog? Start right now.
    • Run a business? Start right now.

    The Moment Will Never Be Right

    When I started freelance writing, I stopped. I wanted 2017 to be the year that I started my freelance business, but I had so much going on with classes and writing my thesis that I decided to put it off until the summer came. I told myself that I needed to focus on the right now, and the right now was writing my thesis.

    But then do you know what happened?

    I ended up graduating in August (instead of May) because I didn't write as much on my thesis as I should have. So, at the end of the day, I didn't have my thesis written, and I didn't have a start to my freelance business. Talk about the opposite of killing two birds with one stone!

    So, why am I telling you this?

    The right moment that you are looking for doesn't exist. Just like limits in Mean Girls.

    You cannot merely wait for that perfect moment because you will be waiting for a long time. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, make the perfect moment happen.

    Do Something

    Every day that you wake up, you should ask yourself a simple question: what can I do today that will bring me closer to my dream? What task do I need to work on right now, between my classes, or right before bed?

    It can be as simple as coming up with a name for your something, brainstorming ideas, finding other people who do your something to get ideas from, etc. Reach out to other people who are doing what you want to do or something similar.

    You cannot expect to get something done if you are not working towards it.

    You Deserve It

    So many people don't chase their dreams because pursuing your dreams is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would be chasing their dreams.

    Now, this doesn't mean that you should do something idiotic, quit your job, or run to another country (although, some people have succeeded at that.) My philosophy is to start doing those small things throughout the day that will get you where you want to be.

    Over time those small things that you did to make your dreams happen, will make your dreams occur.

    Be smart, learn from people, and know that you deserve it.

    Instead of wishing and waiting and envying the people who are living their dreams, stop and say, “I deserve my dreams too.” You can say this because you do.

    You deserve:

    • To go after your dreams and make them a reality.
    • To live your life every day instead of waiting for the weekends.
    • More than you will ever know.

    10 Questions To Ponder That Will Help You Start Right Now

    Here are ten questions to ask yourself on your journey to starting right now.

    1. What Do I Want To Do?

    You can't start anything if you don't have a clear-cut mission or want. What is it that you want to start right now? Whatever your want is, pick it, and put it into the universe right now.

    2. What's Holding Me Back?

    To get over the thing that's stopping you, you need to call it out. Be as honest and specific as possible. This needs to be a mini-therapy session. Get as far down as you can, and continue to do this. This is not a one then done question like the first one. You will have to continue to answer this question all the time. Then eventually, you will be able to get over it what's holding you back.

    3. What Would My Life Look Like If I Chased My Dreams?

    If you started right now (and succeeded at it) how would that change your life's trajectory? Likely a lot. Use that change as your guide to making your dreams a reality.

    4. What Would My Life Look Life If I Didn't Chase My Dreams?

    You also need to battle with the pain of what continuing down your current path would do to you. Write down some of the things that will continue to happen or get worse if you continue doing what you are doing.

    5. What Is The First/Second/Third Step To Chasing My Dreams?

    Break it all the way down. Give yourself a clear roadmap to some small things you can do to start chasing your dreams. Break down the steps as far as you can break them, and get serious about following those steps.

    6. How Can I Balance My Dreams With My Reality?

    Balance is difficult. It's hard to have a dream of writing your first book when you have the current realities of being a student or having a job. Think of the ways that you can balance those dreams with your reality so you can easily (or not so easily) do both. Remember, it doesn't have to be easy and the moment doesn't have to be perfect.

    7. Who Can I Look To For Mentorship Or Inspiration As I Chase My Dreams?

    Who are the people who inspire you or who are the people who could potentially mentor you as you make this transition? Those people are important to recognize and acknowledge as you make plans to chase your dreams.

    8. What Incentive Will I Give Myself For Chasing My Dreams?

    We like to be rewarded when we do something challenging. Make a list of easy rewards for yourself. Maybe you will take yourself to the movies, get a coffee at Starbucks, eat at a fancy restaurant, or get your nails done. Whatever your incentives are, make a list of a few small ones, medium ones, and big ones.

    9. What Milestone Do I Need To Reach To Get Those Incentives?

    All things in moderation! You may want to make specific milestones throughout your process for rewarding yourself. Don't just reward yourself for doing something every day. Make those rewards mean something in your brain.

    10. Who Will Hold Me Accountable For Chasing My Dreams?

    Who will you share your dreams with so they can hold you accountable for what you want to get done? You need an accountability buddy if you're going to make the most impact!


    So, there you have it, the first edition of This Is Your Sign is now complete. I hope you have a lot to think about as you make the transition to doing what you need and want to do. You deserve it; I want you to truly marinate on that. Don't ever sell yourself short.

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  • Amber March 1, 2018 at 4:01 am

    This year I’ve been better at starting things right now, but I still have some projects I haven’t started yet. I really like the questions ", "Who Can I Look To For Mentorship Or Inspiration As I Chase My Dreams?," and "What Milestone Do I Need To Reach To Get Those Incentives?".

    I’ve been focusing on planning and concentrating on a few projects at a time, and it’s been working!

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