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    15 After-Work Activities That Will Help You Relax

    January 18, 2021 Savanna Pruitt 5 min read
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    Hustle culture has totally taken over our lives these days. If you aren’t constantly answering emails, working, and generally staying on that #dailygrind, it can feel like you’re falling behind according to societal standards. Now that lots of us are working from home, it’s even easier to slip into a habit of working all day long. 

    Here’s the thing: There’s so much more to life than constantly husting and working! It’s definitely important to work hard and aim for success, but it’s equally important to take time for yourself and recharge. You can’t perform at your best if you’re running on empty.  

    Here are some great activities you can do after work to help you relax.


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    1. Stretch Your Body

    Sitting at a desk all day is really harsh on your body. If you get up and stretch after a long day of work, your joints and muscles will thank you. Practice some deep breathing during your stretching session to take your relaxation to the next level. There are tons of guided stretching routines on YouTube if you need a little help getting started.

    2. Brew A Cup Of Tea

    In my mind, hot tea signals instant relaxation. Brew yourself a nice cup of herbal tea after work and take some time to sit and sip on it. If you’re really trying to wind down, make sure you choose a decaf tea. Peppermint, chamomile, and lavender teas are supposed to be ultra-calming.

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    3. Take A Hot Shower

    There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day of work than a hot shower. I like to imagine the water washing away my anxieties and worries from the day. It sounds super cheesy, but it works. I promise.

    4. Go For A Walk

    Taking a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to get moving and clear your mind. Plus, it’s one of the few activities you can do outside of your home right now without really having to worry about wearing a mask. Bonus points if you take your dog along with you on your walk, which leads to our next activity…

    5. Snuggle Your Pet

    Cuddling with your dog or cat (or rabbit or snake) is one of the best ways to chill after work and relieve some stress. If you’re feeling extra stressed, you can even talk to your pet about what’s bothering you. They’ll be happy to listen and will probably respond with kisses and more snuggles.

    6. Take A Bath

    Sometimes a hot shower just doesn’t cut it. In those cases, a nice bath is in order. I like to make bathtime a special and relaxing event. Try tossing in a bath bomb, lighting a candle, and turning on some calming music. Take some time to soak in the tub and let your brain take a break.

    7. Declutter Your Space

    Pick a space in your home that’s a little messy and go to work getting it on order. There’s something so therapeutic and satisfying about decluttering and organizing a room. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the space much more afterward if it’s clean and tidy.

    8. Have A Glass Of Wine

    Sipping on your favorite wine (as long as you’re of legal age) after a long day of work is a great way to relax. Pour a glass of wine, sit back on your couch, and kick up your feet. You deserve to do nothing for a little while!

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    9. Call A Friend Or A Family Member

    Hearing a good friend’s or a relative’s voice can automatically soothe you and put you in a better mood. Try to avoid talking about work or anything too stressful, though. The whole point is to get out of work mode.

    10. Paint Your Nails

    One of the best things about painting your nails is that it basically forces you to do nothing for a while. Once your nails are painted, you have to sit and wait for them to dry. Use this time to listen to a podcast or zone out. When you’re done, you’ll be relaxed, and your nails will look great. It’s a win-win.

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    11. Draw Or Color A Picture

    Those adult coloring books are great tools for relaxing after work. Grab your crayons or markers, pick a page to color, and spend some time being creative. If you’re feeling extra creative, draw your own picture and color it in. 

    12. Write In Your Journal

    One of the best ways to cope with stress is by writing about what’s worrying you. Whether it’s related to work or life in general, journaling after work is a great way to relax.

    13. Watch A Movie Or A TV Show

    Pick out a movie you’ve been meaning to watch and take some time to watch it! You can also re-watch an old favorite. Turn it into a full-on movie night with popcorn, drinks, and maybe even a blanket fort. If you don’t have the time to watch a whole movie, even just watching an episode or two of your favorite show will help you unwind a little.

    14. Take A Nap

    Sometimes taking a nap is the best thing you can do to relax. A major cause of stress tends to be a lack of sleep. Catching up on your sleep with an after-work snooze will relax you for sure. Just make sure to time it right and not sleep too long, or else you might not be able to sleep through the night.

    15. Read A Book

    Or a blog post. Basically, just read something. Reading is a great way to focus your mind on something other than work and your daily life. Plus, it’s good for your brain!

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    There you have it— fifteen things you can do to relax after work. Remember: You don’t have to be on and going all the time. It’s more than okay to take time for yourself and chill out a little.

    What’s your favorite way to relax after a long day of work?

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