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    How To Have A Relaxing Vacation In Biloxi, Mississippi

    July 22, 2019 Amanda Cross 7 min read
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    We are finally here, the last of my summer vacation travel guides. Last week we got to explore Birmingham, Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama. The last city on our vacation was Biloxi, Mississippi. We got to have so much fun in this city. I can't wait to show you what we did. Biloxi was full of surprises, and I can't wait to go back to the Mississippi gulf coast soon.

    How To Have A Relaxing Vacation In Biloxi, Mississippi

    1. Book A Great Stay

    There are a ton of resorts and hotels in Biloxi to stay at. I have the most experience with Treasure Bay and Beau Rivage. There are many more you can explore across Biloxi, Mississippi. If you want some Gulf Coast views, many hotels are right on the water or close to it.

    Treasure Bay

    During our time in Mississippi, we ended up staying at Treasure Bay Casino And Hotel. Treasure Bay is a bit further into Biloxi, but it's a fantastic location. It's right by the beach, and you can't get better than that.

    Treasure Bay is one of the older Biloxi resorts. It has a casino, a pool, various restaurants, a gift boutique, and more.

    Smirnoff drink bucket by the Treasure Bay pool. Treasure Bay Pool

    The rooms at Treasure Bay were good for some time away from the busy first and second floor. We had nice sized beds, a huge tub, and even a balcony.

    One of my favorite parts about Treasure Bay was the hotel pool and Agua, the pool bar and grill. They had some fantastic drinks out there. During the summer, they are even bringing DJs and live entertainment poolside every Saturday. When we stayed at Treasure Bay, there was a DJ playing summer favorites and even some oldies but goodies.

    Amanda with a drink in hand and happy face at Treasure Bay upper deck.

    DJ at Treasure Bay

    Beau Rivage

    As you know, we ended up spending some time at Beau Rivage because my family and I got to check out their seafood buffet and their summer cirque-style show LUNARO. If you haven't seen that recap yet, check it out for a more in-depth review of what you can do at Beau Rivage.

    Beau Rivage is a beautiful resort that's owned by MGM. It's got some beautiful scenery, shops, multiple places to eat, a casino, a spa, a pool, and lots of hotel space. If you are looking for a getaway in Biloxi, I think you'll adore this place.

    Beau Rivage fountain

    2. Eat Some Good Food

    One of the best parts of any vacation is the food, in my opinion. Yes, you can get great seafood in Biloxi, but it's not just all seafood all the time. There are various restaurants. Some of them are on the water and have gorgeous views while others are tucked away further from the coast.

    Waffle House

    Okay, I am usually not a fan of eating at chain restaurants while on vacation. At least, not if I can get the chain restaurant in my hometown. I am not going to lie, though, eating Waffle House in Biloxi was just fine with me. Even Waffle House is awesome when you look out the window, and you see the gulf coast and the beach. Plus, you can't beat the price for a quick dinner. We weren't super hungry, but we could eat, and there is a Waffle House like a block from Treasure Bay.

    Chocolate chip waffles at Waffle House

    Mugshots Grill & Bar

    While Mugshots Grill & Bar is technically a chain, it's a chain you can only get in Mississippi. I had so much fun visiting Mugshots for lunch while I was in Mississippi. They had fantastic food and drinks.

    I may have overestimated myself when I ordered one of their Mugaritas, which is a margarita served in a 22-ounce mug. I kid you not. They have a margarita served in a 22-ounce mug. I couldn't finish all of mine by myself, but luckily I had my dad to help me. It's a ton of alcohol for a reasonable price so if you find yourself in Biloxi or near a Mugshots, definitely get it.

    Mugarita from Mugshots Grill & Bar

    For my food, I ended up getting their Texan burger, which was delicious. The food they served here was big, and the prices were great too.

    The Texan burger with fries from Mugshots Grill & Bar

    The Den At Treasure Bay

    Treasure Bay has a few different restaurants on the property. The Den is on the ground floor, it is budget-friendly, and it wasn't nearly as crowded as I thought it would be. The Den is open 24/7 and perfect for casino visitors or hotel guests. I ended up getting one of their catfish baskets, and it was a great late dinner to finish our Friday night.

    Catfish, fries, hush puppies, and tartar sauce from The Den At Treasure Bay

    The Buffet At Beau Rivage

    Our last dinner in Biloxi was at the gorgeous Beau Rivage. They have an amazing buffet on their resort grounds filled with various types of delicious food. There was a delicious salad bar, homestyle food, seafood, a pasta station, pizza, sweets, and so much more. I couldn't eat everything, but I got to experience a lot of the dishes on the buffet menu.

    Salad bar at Beau Rivage's buffet Dessert bar and random people at Beau Rivage's buffet Sugar-free desserts at Beau Rivage's buffet Miscellaneous desserts at Beau Rivage's buffet

    3. See Some Sights And Entertainment

    Biloxi is full of entertainment. You could see some live entertainment at one of the resorts, go to a museum, or even take a Gulf Coast cruise. We kept it pretty lowkey and relaxed a ton in Biloxi, but we managed to see some cool sights while we were there.

    Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art

    Explaining the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art is challenging. Essentially, it chronicles the work of the Mad Potter Of Biloxi, George E. Ohr. Ohr was an interesting guy with an odd connection to his work. He was a struggling artist most of his life because he didn't like the way art was being dumbed down to be produced faster. He wanted to live in a world where creativity was respected, but he also grappled with the fact that he needed to sell art to make money as an artist. His story was so strange to read about. I understand the inner turmoil of valuing your work in a time when other's don't place the same value on it.

    The Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art is a campus filled with impressive buildings. They have a pottery studio on the grounds you can visit and even take classes in (they'll even ship your work home to you if you happen to take a class on vacation.) The whole property has art of different mediums with a focus on Ohr's work. You can find many contemporary pieces at the museum.

    Amanda and mom standing in front of some oversized pottery at Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art

    One building I didn't think I'd come across was the Pleasant Reed Interpretive Center. We are always looking for something Civil Rights related when we are on vacation, and this was a welcome surprise. You don't think about just how much had to be desegregated in the American South. This building talks about Biloxi's history and how the beaches were desegregated there. It was different walking on those same beaches later that day that Biloxi residents worked so hard to desegregate decades ago.

    Pleasant Reed Interpretive Center at Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art


    One of my favorite experiences in Biloxi was seeing LUNARO. The show was jam-packed from start to finish. By the time it ended, I was excited and sad at the same time. It honestly didn't feel like I spent 90 minutes inside the Beau Rivage Theatre.

    If LUNARO isn't for you (which I am pretty sure it's for everyone) Beau Rivage brings all kinds of entertainment to their property year-round. They bring artists, comedians, and more. You can find tickets to their shows on Ticketmaster.

    LUNARO performers A scene from LUNARO A scene from LUNARO

    4. Play Responsibly

    There are tons of casinos in Biloxi. Most resorts also have casinos. Treasure Bay has a casino on the property, so we spent a bit of time there drinking casino drinks and playing extra responsibly. I am not a huge gambler. I managed to turn $5 into $50 while I was there and that was more than enough for me. Real winners know when to quit, after all. If you've never been to a casino before, most of them give you a ton of perks when you first get your casino card. We didn't play enough to qualify for free play at Treasure Bay, but we got a free drink at Agua because of it.

    5. Get In Some Gulf Coast Views

    Last, but not least–soak in those Gulf Coast views. You are in Biloxi, you are right on the water, especially in the more touristy areas. More than likely, you are never more than a short walk to the beach.

    Fireworks At The Beach

    We got to Biloxi on July 4th, so we had a ton of fun celebrating America's birthday. The city of Biloxi allowed citizens to pop fireworks at the beach. Since we were at the beach in front of Treasure Bay, we saw about three different “shows” happening at once. We saw Biloxi's official show to the left of us, various citizens were popping their fireworks close to us, and we saw another town's fireworks to the right of us. It was almost overwhelming, but also exciting.

    Fireworks at the beach

    Beach Views At Sunset

    Here's the thing about Biloxi, because of directions the sun doesn't set on the water. Even though we didn't get the full beach sunset experience, it was still breathtakingly beautiful. I loved walking down the beach at sunset and seeing so much beauty.

    A sunset view of the beach Palm trees on the beat at sunset


    As you can see, Biloxi is full of adventure. I feel like you can have a fantastic time in this city, whether you are a group of friends, a couple, or a family. There is so much fun to be had and lots of relaxing. You should book a trip to Biloxi or a surrounding coastal Mississippi town when you can.

    Did you like my vacation content this summer? I had so much fun on my week-long vacation. We saw a ton, and I am happy I was able to share all that with you on the blog.

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