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    Dorm Bathroom 101: Everything You Need To Know To Survive And Be A Good Human

    August 15, 2018 Amanda Cross 7 min read
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    It's almost time for back-to-school season, which means a lot of new students are worried about using the dorm bathroom. I know that it can be scary, I was in your shoes at one point. Today's post will give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about sharing a bathroom with your hallmates. We are breaking down everything you need, how to avoid getting a fungus, and of course, how to avoid being that person in the bathroom.

    Let's get started:

    Dorm Bathroom 101: Everything You Need To Know To Survive And Be A Good Human | This guide demystifies sharing a dorm bathroom, so you can share without getting a fungus or being that person who leaves the bathroom a mess. #DormLiving #College #CollegeAdvice

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    1. Get A Freaking Shower Caddy

    Ain't nobody got time to carry around a million shower products. You'd be surprised just how much you use in the shower. It's so easy when you are at home because you can keep your stuff in the shower. When you go to college, though, you have to tote your supplies to the shower. When you need soap, body wash, loofahs, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and shaving cream you will thank yourself for having a shower caddy.

    Also, spring for the one with holes, so you are not carrying around a walking mildew factory. Water will get in your shower caddy, and you don't need to carry that around with you. The one without holes may be cheaper and look more appealing because of that, but you will regret not paying the few dollars more for one with holes when you need to clean the one without holes constantly.

    2. Don't Step Foot In The Shower Without Flippity Flops

    Do you want to catch a fungus in college? Okay, well then step in the shower without flip flops then.

    Most people would like to get through college without athlete's foot, though. For those anti-fungus people, invest in a pair of flippity flops. They don't even have to be the fancy kind. Seriously, any Old Navy pair of flip flops will work. Your flip flops work long as they elevate your feet from the floor of the shower and they don't break easily.

    Look, you don't want to step on the shower floor. The showers may not be cleaned as often as you like, and some people pee in the shower. You don't need that negativity in your life.

    In fact, you may even want to invest in some cleaning spray to spray in the shower before you step foot in it. Whatever tickles your fancy, but even if you spray it down, you still HAVE to wear shower shoes.

    3. Invest In A Bathrobe Or Towel Wrap, Pervert

    Even when I lived in an all girls dorm, guys would randomly walk down the hallway. Girl or boy, no one wants to see your goodies when they are trying to get to their dorm room. Plus, you'll likely feel better if you are all covered up.

    Instead of trying to race to the bathroom and hope that people don't see you, invest in a large towel, towel wrap, or bathrobe. This way you can take your time and stroll to the bathroom at your own pace.

    dorm bathroom | dreaming of when I don't have to share a bathroom anymore

    4. Wear A Shower Cap If You Are Not Washing Your Hair

    Here's a trick if you are sure you don't want to wash your hair, get a shower cap! Shower caps are inexpensive, and they protect your hair from getting too wet if you aren't trying to clean it. You don't even have to wear it for an extended period, just put it on right before you step in the shower. Shower caps protect your hair from getting wet, and it protects the shower from getting all your random pieces of hair in the drain.

    5. Take Five Seconds To Make Sure Everything Has Gone Down The Drain

    No one wants to wash all your stray hair down the drain after you have washed your hair. It takes a few minutes to make sure everything looks clean to the human eye.

    Please, do this, for the love of all that is the dorm bathroom. No one wants to get your globs of hair out of the drain.

    6. Be Sanitary With Your Period Products

    You are sharing the toilet with a ton of other girls. The least you can do is be sanitary about throwing away your products. Don't try to flush them.

    It only takes five seconds to wrap up your period products in some toilet paper and throw them in the trash bin in the toilet stall.

    Act like a decent human being.

    7. Flush The Fucking Toilet

    This shouldn't be something that needs to be said, but alas, it needs to be said.

    Just do it.

    It's the right thing to do.

    Plus, if you don't, it will likely stay like that until some girl is brave enough to do it, or the cleaning crew does. And neither of those people should be flushing the toilet after you.

    You're a grown ass woman.

    You should also wipe the seat if you accidentally pee on it. It's only the nice thing to do.

    Don't be a bathroom prick.

    dorm bathroom | don't be ashamed, be a good bathroom sharer

    8. Get To Know Your Hallmates Schedules

    There are always peak times when it comes to the dorm bathrooms. When you first begin sharing a dorm bathroom, it may seem like it's ALWAYS busy, but that's not true. As your hallmates settle into their daily routines, you will begin to notice times when the bathroom isn't nearly as crowded. Take advantage of that time! Use the shower and other bathroom facilities during the downtime you see.

    You may want to shower super early in the morning or later at night. Also, if you have a break between some of your classes, you may want to go to the earlier courses without showering, then head to your dorm to take a quick shower (although that may mean you go through clothes more.)

    Overall, though, you will find little ways to take advantage of the bathroom during the downtimes. It may feel like it'll never happen, but it always manages to happen.

    9. Know The Cleaning Schedule, And Work With It

    This is a step you can take if you are an extreme germaphobe and you would rather use the dorm bathroom at it's cleanest. If you can get to know the dorm bathroom cleaning schedule, you can work around that, so you are showering and using the dorm bathroom at it's freshest. The issue with this is, your dorm bathroom may not be cleaned as much as you'd like.

    I've shared tons of tips for making dorm bathroom living more comfortable, but the truth is that the cleaning crew on campus may not clean every square inch of your bathroom every day. If you choose this method, you'll likely need to use the dorm bathroom sometimes even if it's not at its peak clean, but at least you'll have some moments of cleanliness if you follow this method.

    10. See What You Can Accomplish In Your Dorm Room

    I would suggest that you look around your dorm room to see what's manageable in your dorm room before you decide to do it in your shared bathroom. For example, in my college dorm room, we had a sink area with a mirror above it. We could easily brush our teeth and do our hair in our rooms, instead of taking up space in the dorm bathroom. If there are things you can do in your room, feel free to do them there!

    dorm bathroom | see what you can do in your room

    Conclusion: You're Dorm Bathroom Ready

    It's official; you are ready to tackle sharing a bathroom with your hallmates. Go, girl! I knew you could do it all along! I get it. This is a scary transition. Likely the only people you have shared a bathroom with have been related to you. This is a new transition, but if you follow these tips, you will get it done without fear. It's seriously as simple as being a good human being and protecting your feet and your stuff. Everything else isn't important.

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