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    How To Dress Up Cute Graphic Tees For Class

    February 19, 2018 Amanda Cross 5 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    Dressing up for class can be fun, don't get me wrong. I spent so much of my college and grad school years in cute dresses and fun patterned pants. Sometimes, though, you just need a more casual cute class outfit, and that's where today's blog comes in. Graphic tees can say so much about your personality, and I wanted to style this cute Act Southernly tee that Y’allsome
    sent me last month.

    How To Dress Up Cute Graphic Tees For Class | Dressing up for class doesn't have to be difficult. Today on the blog I am sharing my favorite ways to dress up graphic tees so that you can be cute and comfortable at the same time!

    1. Pick The Perfect Graphic Tee

    Like I shared earlier, there are SO many graphic tees out there. Each one can express who you are as a person and give your college campus a taste of your personality before they ever get to know you personally.

    I was able to pick out a couple of tees from Y’allsome, a fantastic small business based in Nashville, TN (the place I have like always wanted to live.) I love Y'allsome's mission to bring the world quality designs while also doing some darn good work. Ten percent of all their profits go to helping southern foster kids. They want to help them find permanent homes, which I love, I couldn't imagine how rough my childhood would have been if I was bouncing from place to place! Y'allsome's tagline of “Southern Goods That Do Good” is so accurate!

    For this look, I styled their Act Southernly tee which I love the statement of. As a sociology major at heart, I know the importance of thinking about other people all across the globe, but I also like the Act Southernly part because there is something so awesome about southern hospitality.

    Y’allsome has the shirt game on point. This shirt is so soft, and you want to know the best part? It's freaking tagless, y'all! Yep, all the shirt information is screen printed on the shirt instead of on a tag. This means that the shirt just glides on and you don't have any scratchy feelings on that part of your back that's the hardest to reach (what's up with that, anyway?!)

    2. Style It With Some Cute Pants Or A Skirt

    After you have picked up the perfect shirt, you need the perfect bottom. I usually love pairing my graphic tees with a fun pair of Pixie Pants from Old Navy, but for today's post, I decided to pair it with this fun striped mini skirt from Torrid. I got this skirt last year on a Torrid shopping trip, and I was so surprised that I could actually still find it on the Torrid website! A lot of the smaller sizes are sold out, though, but it's on sale at the moment for just $30! It's such a fun skirt, and it will go with so many items in your closet.

    Don't be afraid to think outside the box on your outfits. I was a little concerned about pairing a black and white skirt with a blue top, but I actually loved the way they looked together at the end of the day. Style is super personal! You don't have to follow any “fashion conventions” unless, of course, you want to.

    3. Rock Some Adorable Jewelry

    Once you have your base outfit done, finish the look off with some cute jewelry.

    My mom recently bought this adorable necklace on Amazon, and I kinda fell in love. It's such a cheap necklace AND it comes in MULTIPLE COLORS. I am so obsessed with this necklace, and I need it in all the colors (but specifically mint, yellow, and ombre purple are on my list.)

    I also have a little tiny stack from Metal Marvels on, but I didn't get close-ups of my stack for this post (sorry!)

    When you are looking for something cute to accessorize your outfit, you want to go with something lightweight that still makes a statement. Don't drag yourself down with heavy jewelry, the entire purpose of wearing a graphic tee is to be comfortable!

    4. Additional Ways To Dress Up Your Graphic Tees

    There are SO many ways to dress up your tee, and I didn't want to leave you hanging by just sharing mine. Here are some other ways:

    • Throw a blazer on top for a chic office look (or with any number of jackets like trench coats, moto jackets, cardigans, etc.)
    • Two words: pleather leggings. Pleather (or leather) will add some extra sexy to your graphic tee look
    • Overalls or suspender skirts for a girly look
    • Pair it with a white button-down top underneath your shirt for some layers
    • Be dramatic AF by adding some over-the-knee boots to your look.

    Experiment with all the different ways that you can dress up your graphic tees, and don't stop here!

    5. Treat Campus Like Your Personal Runway

    Now that you have an entire outfit together slip on your most comfy shoes and treat campus like it's your personal runway. With all of these elements in place, you are bound to create some fun looks. Go strut your stuff on the way to class. You can show all your classmates that it's possible to look cute in a graphic tee.

    Outfit Details

    Shirt (c/o): Y'allsome | Skirt: Torrid | Necklace: Amazon | Bangles: Metal Marvels


    Here are a couple of bloopers for y'all:


    So, there are my tips for dressing up graphic tees for class. Graphic tees are a great addition to your wardrobe because they are so versatile. You don't have to wear them with sweats and a sassy bun, you can wear them with a mini skirt and some statement jewelry too. It's all about what you feel comfortable with!

    Thanks again to Y'allsome for sending me this adorable graphic tee to style on The Happy Arkansan.

    How Do You Style Your Graphic Tees?

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