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    Why You Should Book A Stay At Hu. Hotel

    January 21, 2020 Amanda Cross 6 min read
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    This weekend my family and I decided to take a trip to Memphis. We didn't have any real plans for the trip; we just wanted to take a quick weekend trip. I headed over to Hotwire and found a fantastic price on a night at Hu. Hotel in downtown Memphis. I was excited about this stay. Hu. has been on my bucket list for a while now, and I needed that roof view. Today, I wanted to break down why I think this hotel is so unique. Are you staying in Memphis soon? Check out my Memphis category because I have a ton of content on the blog that will help you plan your stay.


    Hu. Hotel is located in downtown Memphis. It's right on my new favorite street (South Main), but it's also a short walk to Beale Street if that is what you want. I love where this hotel is located because it was secluded enough to not deal with too much noise (but that might have been because I was on the 16th floor.) I only heard a sound from the street once during our stay, which means that the person was making up way too much noise for one person.

    Overall, I love Hu. Hotel's location. There was so much to see within walking distance. If you are a foodie, this is a perfect location! Hu. has a diner (which we'll chat about later), but there is also just a ton of restaurants nearby.

    I will say the location makes it a bit challenging. For example, when we were checking in, figuring out the valet situation was tough. There wasn't a ton of space to put your car for the valet to handle things, which made checking in a little bit weird. I think this is just a matter of city planning, though. There just isn't enough room to do what you need to do, especially during check-in and check-out times. Be prepared for the cramped feeling, but I think that the Hu. staff did everything they could, given the circumstance of the small room they have to work with.

    The Rooms

    The rooms at Hu. Hotel where everything you could want from a space. I never felt cramped in these rooms, even though I shared the room with my parents. We always had plenty of space to do what we needed to do. I've split so many rooms with them over the years, and I can say that this is not always the case.

    The one downside to the rooms is that you can tell this is an older hotel. Some of the doors creak or are hard to close. For example, our bathroom door and room door needed to be closed hard to get them to stay closed. Hu. Hotel is in an older building, though, so this is to be expected.

    I like that there was a desk/chair and a couch in the room to make it homier. Also, this was helpful because it made sure that there was more seating than just your bed. Sometimes it feels like the only place to find a good seat in your hotel room is your bed, but there was plenty of space at Hu. Hotel.

    The bathroom itself had some nice touches as well. There was a nice shower and a marble countertop sink. I loved the feel of the tile on the floor, it had all these grooves in it, and it was just an interesting addition to the bathroom.

    There was also a mini-bar area in the room. We didn't touch this area, because hotel mini-bars are expensive, but I liked that Hu. Hotel gave you a price sheet for the bar in case you wanted to grab anything.

    The View From My Room

    Honestly, the view from my room deserves its own little section. I am pretty sure we had one of the best views in Memphis. Downtown Memphis is right on the Mississippi River, and thanks to my room number (1605), I got a great view of the Mississippi. I was right next to the Hernando de Soto Bridge that connects Arkansas to Tennessee.

    The best part about the Hernando de Soto bridge is the lights on the bridge. At night, the Hernando de Soto bridge puts on a light show twice an hour from sunset to 10:30 PM. This light show is so fun to watch, and I was excited that I could watch it from the window in my room. Check out more about the Hernando de Soto bridge light show.

    Hu. Roof

    Next, let's talk about Hu. Roof. Hu. Hotel has an excellent rooftop area if you want to see one of the best views in Memphis. I stayed on the 16th floor of Hu. Hotel, but my view was nothing compared to what I saw on the roof. You get a truly fantastic view of the river from up there. No windows are getting in the way, and you can see miles of the river at once.

    Hu. Roof is a place everyone can go to, whether you are staying at the hotel or not. The rooftop even has a bar if you want to grab a drink for the evening. We didn't grab a drink, but we took pictures and took in the fabulous view of the Mississippi River. If you are in town, make this a stop you make. I've seen the Mississippi from so many angles at this point in my life, but being 17 stories up is probably the best view I've had. I will say that the Metal Museum has a pretty exciting view. The Metal Museum view isn't nearly as interesting as the one on the Hu. Roof, though, because of how far away it is from downtown. Check out my thoughts on Metal Museum from when I visited in 2019.

    Hu. Diner

    Next, let's chat about Hu. Diner. We visited Hu. Diner twice during our short stay. We went for a drink on Saturday night, and then my mother and I went for breakfast the next morning. I had my first experience with Bloody Mary's and realized they were not for me. I had some of the best french toast ever. They have a fantastic menu throughout the day. We probably could have eaten dinner there too, but we decided to go to Huey's for dinner Saturday night.

    Hu. Diner has a wonderful selection of food that you can choose from. My mother had their shrimp and grits for breakfast, and they looked amazing.

    Hu. Diner is a mix between a diner, and something more upscale. There are candles on all the tables, nice white table cloths, etc. It feels high-end, but the menu isn't super expensive.

    Hu. Cafe/Lobby

    One of my favorite parts about my stay at Hu. Hotel was the lobby. I honestly wish I got to see more of the lobby because they did such an excellent job decorating it. It's a very chic place, and they have some rugs in the lobby that I just wanted to roll up and take home. The entire lobby smells like coffee, thanks to the Hu. Cafe. They sell specialty coffees in the lobby, but they also put out free basic coffee in the morning for hotel guests. If you want a beautiful place to work in Memphis or you are here for a workcation, there is so much room to get work done, so bring your laptop. You'll honestly adore this lobby.


    Overall, my stay at Hu. Hotel was fun. We got to see so much of this hotel. There was so much to do that we didn't get bored just being in our hotel. I would love to visit here again, or at least make my way to Hu. Roof and Hu. Diner again. If you are ever in town, you need to stop by this terrific hotel for a while.

    Have you ever been to Memphis? What's on your Memphis bucket list?

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