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    Learning To Rest, Not To Quit

    July 30, 2018 Amanda Cross 3 min read
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    Last Monday, my brain decided to give me a big eff you and a middle finger. I mean, I had decided to put it through an absolute ringer of a weekend, last week's excellent content didn't write itself. I sat all morning at my computer posting last week's Manic Monday post and trying to force myself to get any productive thing done.

    Learning To Rest, Not To Quit | For this week's Manic Monday post, I chat about the importance of rest when it comes to building your business empire. No burning out here, y'all! #Lifestyle #BusinessAdvice

    Then it hit me.

    Stop it.

    Lie down.

    Get some rest.

    So, around noon, I closed my laptop, got a small bag of my favorite white cheddar popcorn from Smartfood, and I set up shop in front of the television to watch The Office (I am currently binging the show for the first time!)

    Yes, I had work piling up, but I couldn't force this, at least not this time. I was tired AF. My brain was not in the mood, and I had no words left to write that morning.

    But you want to know what I did that night?

    I wrote 1200+ words on a freelance article, and I spruced up my article from last week on how to become a freelancer by adding around 600 words to the article. It wasn't as productive as my weekend of writing 8000 words, but it was as productive as I was going to get that day.

    I think it's so important to give your brain a break, to give yourself a break. As long as your entire life doesn't become a break, that is.

    If You Get Tired, Learn To Rest, Not To Quit.

    Running a business is hard, but one of the cool things that I don't take for granted is the fact that I can abandon ship halfway through the day because my brain hurts. I know there are so many people who don't have that luxury.

    Last week, on Manic Monday, I got a wonderful comment from a reader who has her own blog and the most amazing jewelry shop. The comment ended like this:

    Also, make time to recharge too, you’re a hard worker and I want you to keep going strong.

    I'd be lying if I said that didn't make me tear up a little. At the moment I was currently knee deep in a Netflix marathon, and very much feeling like recharging was what I should be doing. I was glad that it wasn't seen as a bad or negative thing. Recharging is a part of life.

    All this to say, recharging and resting is a part of the process of business, of life, of everything.

    I am not one of those people who believes in hustle 24/7. I've never been that way. In college I never did all-nighters, and while I occasionally pull one now, it's usually because I stayed up watching comedy specials or episodes of television.

    Yes, it's great to live life with no regrets, but I am over this “I'll sleep when I'm dead,” mentality.

    Live your life, take breaks, and put your heart and soul into what you do.

    I think that's what we should be asking of business owners, and that's what I am asking of you.

    The Manic Monday Conversation:

    I decided to create an audio companion to Manic Monday. Here is the first conversation. It's completely different from the Manic Monday post above. So, please check it out!

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