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    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too)

    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too)

    August 1, 2018 Amanda Cross 6 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    On one fantastic day in February of 2017, I finally decided to get the bangle. I'd been observing the owner of Metal Marvels, Katie Seller, in a few of the Facebook groups I was in. She was sharing her wins, and it was making me proud on her behalf, and I hadn't even bought my first bangle yet.

    Note: This post contains affiliate links.

    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too) | Here is a quick run down of why I love #MetalMarvels! This company is top notch and I want everyone to know it. #Jewelry #Empowerment

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    Around the same time, Elizabeth Warren was silenced because she tried to protest Jeff Sessions' U.S. Attorney General confirmation. Soon after the words “Nevertheless, She Persisted” were spoken by Mitch McConnell which became a favorite expression amongst feminists everywhere soon after.

    Katie created a bangle for this very occasion, and it was the first bangle I ever ordered from her brand. Her Nevertheless, She Persisted bangle is still one of my favorites because of what it means to me as my first ever Metal Marvels bangle. Plus, the bangle donates 5% of the proceeds to Girls, Inc. Orange County, so you feel good when you pick it up!

    1. Metal Marvels Products Are Hella Quality

    Everything I have ever received from the Metal Marvels store has been quality. From the bangles to the cups to the necklaces and more. I have been fortunate enough to have bought so many awesome things from the store over the last year and a half.

    All the products I bought have lasted amazingly well, even stuff I've had for almost a year and a half. You can tell that Katie takes her time when it comes to vetting products to make sure that they are made with quality materials.

    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too)

    2. There Is Always A Saying For The Kick In The Booty I Need

    Katie has said it time and time again; she started her rebrand when she couldn't find the sayings she wanted her bangles and jewelry to say. She couldn't find the jewelry she wanted, so she made it. Boring mantras didn't excite her, so she created a fearless brand for even bold women.

    With sayings like “Get To Werk, Bitch,” “You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing,” and “Have High Fucking Standards,” the jewelry really stands out, embraces the sailor in all of us, and sets aside the notion that dainty sayings motivate all women.

    Even the bangles without cursing will give you the kick in the butt you need with phrases like, “Dreams Don't Have Deadlines,” “Girls Compete, Women Empower,” and “I Refuse To Fail.”

    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too)

    3. The People Who Follow Metal Marvels Are A Bunch Of Badass Ladies

    I love the community that has been built around the Metal Marvels website. One of my favorite places to hang out is the Metal Marvels VIB Facebook group. It's filled with 4,000+ women from all over who love the brand and support each other and post fun memes and videos.

    Not to mention, there is also a beautiful community across her other social media platforms like her Facebook and Instagram page.

    You won't regret your time spent in this supportive and rad community.

    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too)

    4. Metal Marvels Loves To Give Back

    Time and time again, I've seen Katie give back to charities across the country. At first, it was just when something struck her attention, but now she has an entire section on her website dedicated to giving back.

    The I Am Collection is filled with fabulous jewelry, and each bangle gives back to a particular charity like the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Backstreet Community Arts, and Be The Match.

    You won't regret how good it feels to get a beautiful bangle while giving back to a wonderful cause.

    5. Metal Marvels Gave My Readers A Discount


    I am all about saving money, and Metal Marvels was so kind in giving all of my readers a nice discount, 24/7! Yaaaaaas for savings!

    Okay, but on a serious note, you can save big shopping anything on the site except the I AM Collection, as that collection goes to charity.

    Use the code THA15 to save 15% off your order!

    Stock up this August, y'all as this will undoubtedly be the best purchase you ever decide to make.

    I've been watching this brand blossom for about 18 months now, and I get more impressed with the brand every day. Katie has built such a beautiful brand with her website Metal Marvels, and her drive and determination to help bold women break the mold never ceases to amaze me.

    Why I Am Obsessed With Metal Marvels (And You Should Be Too)

    Bonus: The Shipping Is Fantastic

    Katie has outsourced the shipping process to a fulfillment team out of Texas, and these people kick some serious ass when it comes to shipping products out promptly. I've never had to wait too long for shipping when it comes to shopping with Metal Marvels.

    Even though she doesn't have shipping done in-house, the team she outsourced the job to and the infrastructure she's set up makes everything feel so seamless as a customer. You would honestly never know that shipping isn't done in-house because everything is handled professionally and quickly.

    Bonus, bonus: if you live in the U.S., you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders! This is such a great value, and it makes shopping the products so easy because you don't have to spend money on shipping products to your order.

    What's On My Metal Marvels Wishlist

    I thought I would close out this article by sharing a few things that are on my MM wishlist with y'all. We all need another reason to shop, right?!

    1. I Survived Another Meeting Tumbler

    We have all had that meeting where we question the sanity of the people who host it. Are you sure this needed to be a meeting? I left my office for this crap! Or, if you're like me, “I put on pants for this crap!” I adore this cup, and it comes in a 20 oz. and 30 oz. version!

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    2. If You Can Read This Hat

    A few months ago Metal Marvels started selling a line of hats, and I have been obsessed ever since. They have multiple cute hats, but I think I am most excited about picking up this cutie soon.


    3. Cheers 6oz Flask

    I currently have the Cheers 16oz Soda/Beer Can Glass, and I am obsessed with drinking out of it. This flask looks absolutely adorable and Instagram worthy, so I need it in my life ASAP.


    4. Own Who You Are Thick Bangle

    I have been obsessing over Metal Marvels' thick bangles over the past few months. They make such a statement over their traditional dainty bangles. I love this bangle because it would be so great for reminding me to speak my truth. It's so easy to lose your voice online, and I love that this bangle is all about doing you!


    5. I'm A Fucking Handful Bar Necklace

    Last, but not least, I've always wanted a bar necklace from Metal Marvels, and this one seems like the perfect first bar necklace to purchase. I love this saying, and I am a bit of a lot to handle.

    Conclusion: You Need Metal Marvels In Your Life

    Let's face the music; you need this brand in your life ASAP. I adore the products I have. Otherwise, I wouldn't currently be sitting at 15+ bangles, 3 SIC Cups, and a whole lot more. I need y'all to fall in love with this brand as much as I have, because I know you will love Katie and the mission of her brand.

    Don't forget to use the code THA15 to save 15% off your orders with Metal Marvels.

    Get shopping!

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  • Briana August 1, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    Loving the rose gold bracelets!


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