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    How To Survive College Game Day

    How To Survive College Game Day

    September 9, 2019 Amanda Cross 6 min read
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    Ahh, game day! If you live in the south, you know that college game day is on a whole other level. I didn't go to the University of Arkansas, but game day was pretty serious at the University Of Central Arkansas and Arkansas State University. I wanted to create an article all about how to survive college game day because football season is amongst us.

    Note: Thank you so much to Chic Soul for sending me items to style in this blog shoot. If you are looking for something cute to wear for game day and you are a curvy girl, definitely check out their website.

    How To Survive College Game Day

    Dress For The Day

    If you live in the south, you know that game day can be pretty hot most of the season. It was honestly warm until our November games, and even then it wasn't freezing. Therefore, you need to make sure that your outfits aren't too warm when you live in the south. Opt for a cute dress or a shirt/shorts combo. When it gets a bit warmer, go for jeans and a cute top or a maxi-dress.

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    The purple look I am rocking in today's post features colors from when I was at the University of Central Arkansas and rocked purple and grey. This dress would be perfect for warmer months because it's not too long and the sleeves are just right. The fabric on this dress is not too thick, although it's not see-through either.

    The black and red look was perfect for my Arkansas State University side because our colors were scarlet, black, and white. I would wear an outfit like this closer to the end of football season when it's a bit colder out. I got this adorable black shirt from Chic Soul and paired it with a pair of colorful jeans I got from Amazon. It was the perfect pairing, in my opinion.

    For the shoes in both outfits, I went with these cute Jump Around slides from Chic Soul. They are snakeskin and so trendy this year.

    If You Plan To Bring A Purse, Make Sure It Meets Regulations

    Bringing a purse to game day is smart. No one wants to hold on to their keys, ID, and other essentials while tailgating. If you decide to bring a purse, though, make sure it meets regulations. Many schools are making clear bags mandatory. The Break It Down Crossbody from Chic Soul is the perfect accessory you should add to cart for game day. It'll take your look up a notch and help you survive college game day because it's seethrough.

    Wear Comfortable Shoes, Girl!

    I know, you want to look cute, but there are so many cute shoes that aren't high heels. You are going to be standing, like a lot, so go for something comfy. No one is going to be looking at your shoes all the time anyway. Go with some flats if it's nice outside, wear some flat boots if it's wet.

    Don't Shy Away From School Colors

    Game day is your time to wear school colors until the cow's come home. One of the best parts about game day is that everyone is repping school colors. Don't stand out like a sore thumb, join in, and rep your school.

    Don't Forget Sunscreen

    Last, but not least, don't forget sunscreen. Apply it before you leave the house and keep applying it throughout the day. You are outside all day for game day. Don't be that person who gets a sunburn or worse because they forgot sunscreen.

    Bring Your Own Chair If You Can (For Tailgating)

    Tailgating is even more fun when you have your own chair. You can't take these chairs into the stadium, so only bring a chair if you can store it before the game starts. If you want to save money on a tailgating chair, get one when football season is over for next year. Chairs make your life a million times easier, no more playing musical chairs with someone else's chair. Most chairs come in a carrying case so they can be packed up and easily carried, even on game day.

    Find Your Tailgate Home Base

    Having a tailgate home base is essential. Where will you spend most of your time during tailgate time? During my Sophomore-Senior year, my sorority was always my tailgate home base. I didn't have one my first semester because we had spring formal recruitment at the time. During my first year, I tailgate hopped more. Here are some tailgate options:

    • Major: Your major or a club related to your major may have a tailgate spot on campus. Spend some time there.
    • Spirit Group: When I was in college, UCA had a group called Bear Den (they still do.) Anyone could join the group for a small fee, and you'd get perks like a shirt. They always had a tailgate, so I went there often my first year in college.
    • Other Campus Groups: There are a plethora of campus groups like churches, sports groups, and more who tailgate.
    • Businesses: Last, but not least, many companies set up tailgates on campus. If you have a connection to the business, you may decide to hang out at their tailgate.

    Don't Forget To Explore Other Tailgates, Though

    I love having a tailgate home base, but don't forget to explore other tailgates though. Even when I spent most of my time at my sorority's tailgate, I still looked at other tailgate options, especially when looking for snacks and food, because free food in college is everything.

    Stay Hydrated & Nourished Throughout The Day

    I am a big believer in listening to your body and staying hydrated/nourished during game day. As we've already discussed, you are outside a lot during game day. You need to make sure you stay hydrated and that your belly is full enough. Passing out due to thirst or hunger is no fun. Besides water, bring or buy some Powerade or Gatorade. You sweat out a lot when you are outside so you want to make sure you nourish your body with all the vitamins and minerals you might lose during the day.

    Also, make sure you stay cool. Wear a hat to cover your eyes, bring a portable fan or mister to cool down. Find a building or tent to go in every blue moon to cool your body down and keep your body stable. If you ever need help, alert someone as soon as you feel out of the ordinary.

    Keep An Eye Out For Others, Have People Around To Keep An Eye On You

    Whether you are dealing with medical or social emergencies, keep your eye out for other people. If you see someone who looks a bit different like they are swaying, sweating profusely, or gagging–look out for them. If you can, go to the game with some other people, so you have someone to look out for you.

    There is strength in numbers, find other people to lean on.

    Get In The Stands Early To Survive College Game Day

    One of the best parts about going to game day as a college student is that you usually get free access to the student section of home games. Take advantage of that and try to get to the stands as early as possible. There is so much fun to be had if you get in early enough. Even if I got to the stands a bit early, I had lots of fun cheering and listening to music. The student section is always the most lit part of the stadium.

    Getting there early allows you to get the best seats and have time to sit down for a minute. I guarantee that you'll have to stand most of the game in the student section. Get there before the crowd to enjoy some time sitting down before everyone comes. Find out the earliest time you can get in the stands and consider the time you want to go.

    Have Fun Cheering On Your School's Team

    The best thing you can do to survive game day is cheer on your team and have fun while doing it. Smile, have a good time, feel the camaraderie of your school coming together today. Let the stress of school fall to the wayside for a while and enjoy your day. You deserve it!

    Conclusion: Survive College Game Day

    There you have it: The Happy Guide To Surviving College Game Day. You are on your way to a fantastic day of college football, food, and fun. Let's go {insert your team here}!

    What are your college game day survival tips?

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