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    The Ultimate Guide To Gifting Plants

    December 2, 2019 Amanda Cross 5 min read
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    With plants becoming more popular, giving plants as a Christmas gift seems like a fun and unique idea. There are so many types of plants that can make a house feel like a home. I've recently gotten into plants, and it's been a fun ride. I wanted to offer a guide for well-meaning gift-givers on giving plants as gifts during the holidays or any time of year.

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    Get To Know The Plant Recipient

    Before you gift anyone a plant, it's important to get to know the recipient of that plant. Different plants need different levels of attention, so you want to get them a plant they can enjoy.

    Do They Have Space For Plants?

    While plants make lovely gifts, your recipient might not have space for plants. Some plants can grow very tall and wide. You need to be careful and make sure you read up on the plants you decide to gift. Remember that even small plants can grow larger with time and love, so even if the plant is small now, it'll probably grow. If your recipient is short on space, gifting a succulent might be a better option.

    How Much Light Do They Have?

    Not every home has the same amount of natural light. I had to stick with low-light plants because I have a lot of trees in my yard blocking the sun. Remember that most low-light plants tolerate low-light; this is not the same as thriving in low-light. Plants growing in low light will survive, look amazing, and they will grow (although slower than they would with more light.)

    If you know that your recipient doesn't have a ton of light in their home, though, it's best to stick with low-light house plants.

    How Often Do They Travel?

    Some people are fortunate enough to travel often for their jobs, which makes them feel like they can't have plants at home. While some plants require a lot of attention, many plants require far less time. Most of my plants need watering every few weeks. I am not watering my plants daily. If your recipient travels a lot, find out how often they travel, and pick a plant that meets their needs.

    Do They Have Any Allergies?

    While some indoor plants don't cause allergies, you may want to consider any allergies or sensitivities your recipient has. You want to ask about allergies, especially if you plan to gift floral plants or herbs to someone. You don't want your gift to go to waste, so check to make sure your plant won't cause allergies.

    Do They Have A Furry Friend?

    Some plants aren't great for pets. There are a plethora of pet-friendly plants out there, and The Sill has an amazing category of pet-friendly plants you can purchase that meet this criteria.

    What Has Been Their Relationship With Plants In The Past?

    Let's face it. Sometimes we don't want to get a plant because it might potentially make us feel bad. Nothing drains the energy in a room faster than a dead plant, and they may have had a dead plant in the past. If they owned a plant that died in the past, they might be convinced that they aren't cut out to be a plant parent. If you want to gift someone a plant, be sure to ask how they feel about plants first.

    Research The Plant

    Next, you need to research the plants based on the information you gathered. The reason I love shopping with The Sill so much is that they make the plant research process seamless. Instead of finding a plant you love and opening a million tabs to find more information, The Sill provides a ton of information on the plant's page. You will walk away knowing about important plant care tips like light and watering schedules, and you'll get to read a plant bio.

    For example, take a look at the information you get about the Monstera Deliciosa:

    Given this information, you can choose to do a bit more research or purchase a new plant for your friend.

    Share All The Pertinent Information With Them

    Next, you HAVE to share all the pertinent information with the person you are giving the plant to. Often I will see well-meaning plant gifters forget to add this information in. This leads to plants that aren't well taken care of. All plants need water and light, but your recipient needs to know how much of each to give their new plant.

    Plants from The Sill come with an information card that makes gifting their plants effortless.

    Gift Them A Few Extras They Might Need To Get Started

    If you have a giving this gift to a new plant parent, they may not have all the required equipment to be a plant parent. If this is the case, it's up to you to help them get there. Some items I think are great for new plant parents are a:

    • Watering can or a jug that holds water to help them water their plants.
    • Glass spray bottle to help them spritz down plants between waterings.
    • Moisture meter to help determine when plants need to be watered.
    • Grow light if they don't have a ton of sun in their home and need some extra help.

    All of these supplies aren't necessities, but they certainly sweeten the deal and make any plant parent happy.

    Consider Realistic Fake Plants

    Sometimes, plants aren't in your recipient's cards. You can explain how there are plants that need less attention, but they may still think plant parenthood isn't for them. If that's the case, consider realistic fake plants. There are so many realistic fake plants out there. These are perfect to put on your desk or anywhere where you aren't near a window. Earlier this year, The Sill started offering a ton of high-quality, artificial plants. The Sill's artificial plants aren't cheap (the least expensive one is $75), but think about how much use the person you give the plant will get. These plants never die and continue to help the gift recipient reap the benefits of plants for a long time. Plus, they all come in beautiful pots that can add such a pop of color to your home.

    If All Else Fails, Purchase A Gift Card

    Picking a plant can seem like an extremely personal thing. If you don't think you can select the right gift for your loved one, purchase a gift card. You can buy a gift card to The Sill or a local plant nursery. A gift card, along with a sentimental plant themed greeting card, can make a huge difference in your friend's life and help them start their plant collection. I recommend starting with a $50 gift card at The Sill so they can get a plant or plants that speak to them.

    Conclusion: Gifting Plants Is Amazing

    Let's spread more fun and nature this year by encouraging our loved ones to become plant ladies in training. Purchasing a plant for a friend or family member can bring a ton of happiness into their life if you go about it the right way. I hope today's post helped you think about the process of gifting a plant in a new way.

    Are you gifting a plant to someone this year?

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