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    Five Things To Do When You Are In Pain

    February 24, 2016 Amanda Cross 4 min read
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    Pain is an awful thing to go through. I often look back through my Facebook page memories and sometimes in the past I have shared vague statements about the pain I am going through, and today I look at that, and I am not sure why I was ever in pain. There is some pain that you will remember for a lifetime; but you learn to cope, live, and survive.

     Five Things To Do When You Are In Pain| Hey girl! In the moment, pain seems like the only thing we can think about, but pain is only temporary. Check out this blog to learn a few tips about how I deal with pain so I can remember that pain is temporary, and positivity is the best medicine.

    I am not going to lie. At the moment pain seems like it's the only thing you can think of. Pain can be so intense, earth-shattering, and you aren't sure how you can ever be the same. You may never be exactly the same after a painful moment, but something similar. Here are my tips for dealing with pain as best as possible.

    Reach Out

    The worst thing you can do when you are in pain is keep the pain bottled up. Sometimes we feel like we don't want to burden others with our pain, but if they truly love you they will be accepting of your pain. They may not know how to best handle your pain, but reaching out and just sharing your feelings with another human being is so important. If nothing else, they can help you keep your mind off it for a bit.

    It's also important to reach out and seek legitimate help if those around you aren't giving you the best support system. Don't be ashamed to reach out for the extra help of a therapist. Often times, if you are a student, the student health center has free counseling as well as group counseling sessions on your campus. They are there for a reason and you should be utilizing that resources as best as you can while you are a student.

    Keep Yourself Busy

    Keeping yourself busy is a great way to deal with pain. Catch up on school work, go to class, write your blog, read a book, anything to keep your mind occupied as much as possible during a painful time. Distractions are your best friend when you are dealing with a lot of pain in your life. Any amount of busy work is good if it keeps your mind off the pain for a bit.

    Balance is so important in this though. Keeping yourself busy can be in the form of a personal day. Don't just throw yourself into your school work and avoid the problem. Distractions can help at times, but if the pain is consistent, this won't help you with the underlying issues.

    Surround Yourself With Positive Things

    Positivity is going to help you so much when it comes to dealing with pain. Get a new colorful canvas for your room (or make your own prints and print them off.) Surround yourself with positive people, positive quotes, colors, and other things. Think about all the colors that make you happy and see how to implement those colors in your wardrobe, on your computer, and things you see most often. I feel like that is the best way to literally surround yourself with positive things.

    My favorite ways to surround myself with positivity are definitely through my laptop backgrounds and my wardrobe. Even on a day where I don't want to get too dressed up I still try to add little pops of color or patterns because it gives me a bit of happiness. I also love to go through and change my wallpaper frequently to things that make me happy. As a blogger and student I am on my computer a lot so I use that as an opportunity to make myself a bit more positive.

    Get A Change Of Scenery

    Sometimes, one of the best things you can do to get out of a funk, is to get a change of scenery. Take a walk, go for a drive, study in a new location. Just go out and explore a bit, this is even better if you combine it with Tip #1 or Tip #5! Go to a location that inspire you like a museum, your favorite place on campus, or try a new location you have heard a lot about!

    When I am feeling down I like to take a walk around. This is so strange, but I live about a half a mile from a nicer gas station. When I need to get out of my head for a bit and the weather is nice I like to walk there and grab a drink and some quick snacks. This is a way for me put on some music or call my family and just get out of my apartment for a bit. I usually feel a million times better after I get back from my walk (and I love getting my vanilla cokes from there. #guiltypleasuresoda.)

    Listen To Upbeat Music

    One of my favorite ways to get out of a painful mood for a bit is to listen to upbeat music. This helps me fake it til I make it. I might not be all the way pain-free, but music is just one of those things that helps me cope with a lot of situations. I use music an awful lot to deal with issues in my life. I don't know if you feel the same way or not. My go to lately is Queen Bey for getting out of my moods.

    Pain Is Temporary Wallpaper Extra

    I wanted to do something special for y'all so I made the topic of today's post a wallpaper.

    Don't Worry Girl! Pain Is Temporary.

    You can download the full version of this wallpaper by clicking here.

    I love this because it showcases this quote in a fun way that brings happiness and is a place where you will see it, on your computer screen. Making my happiness a part of my computer screen is important for me, as well as having these daily colorful affirmations around my room.

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