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    20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    November 29, 2017 Amanda Cross 13 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    This blog post is dedicated to all my curvy babes out there. I love shopping for clothes, and I want to be able to wear cute clothes that don't break the bank and don't make me look like a complete and total grandma. So, I am sharing some of the amazing places out there for purchasing plus size clothes so you can wear all my fave clothes. I am going to share some exclusively plus-size shops with you first. Then, we will dive into some stores that just have great plus-size sections. Last, I am going to finish up the list with a few subscription services that are geared toward plus size clothing!

    When I have actually shopped with the site and have pictures of me in their clothes, I will share posts where you can find those looks on my site!

    Note: This post contains affiliate links when I have them. When you purchase using these links I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes | Are you a curvy babe? Do you want to get clothes that don't make you look like a grandma? Check out my post featuring 18 places to get amazing plus size clothes so you can feel confident no matter how much meat you have on your bones! #PlusSizeClothes #CurvyBlogger #CurvyClothes #PlusSizeBlogger

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    How To Use This Plus Size Clothes List Without Getting Overwhelmed

    Before we jump into this, I want to share a few notes: Don't click on all the links! I've been working on compiling this post for months, the first list was MUCH smaller, as you might imagine. Over the time this post has been live, I've added more content so you can see that there is a variety of places to get plus size clothing.

    Instead of clicking every link on the page, take it slow. Bookmark this page and come back to it later. Click 3-5 stores that seem exciting at first. Go through those stores, see if you'd like to purchase anything, if not, come back to the list for more.

    Shopping online or preparing to shop in-store can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to plus size clothing. With so many stores, opening up every link will just make you more overwhelmed and stressed.

    Plus Size Clothes: Exclusively Plus Size Stores

    The following stores sell exclusively plus size clothing. I love shopping at stores like this because I feel that they get it a lot more than stores with plus size sections. I feel like on average they have better stuff that is better quality for us girls with curves.


    Torrid | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Torrid has easily become one of my favorite plus size stores out there. Shout out to my friend Brianna for introducing me to this store and taking me to this shop for the first time. I'm obsessed with Torrid and they have SO many cute items all the time. Torrid sells clothes from sizes 10-30 so you will find something cute to love!

    I have a growing little collection of Torrid clothes and it's definitely been my favorite place to shop this fall. I'm in love with all the cute velvet pieces they had for the fall/winter.

    Want to see some products from Torrid? Check out this post to see a skirt from the site: Music Monday: 100 Awesome Rock Songs

    Lane Bryant

    Lane Bryant | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    I don't shop at Lane Bryant often, but they have some pretty cute things on their site. They also have the absolute best bras for plus size ladies with their Cacique line of intimates. I've seriously had my Cacique bra for years and it has just recently started being not the best when I went to graduate school (I got it in high school!) I feel like if you are a plus-sized lady, you have probably shopped at the store at least once, and they do have some pretty amazing looks. Lane Bryant sells sizes 14-28.

    I recently got to try some cute Lane Bryant products on the blog. Check out the posts:


    ELOQUII | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Earlier this year I got to work with ELOQUII on a post and I fell in love with all their beautiful clothes. ELOQUII sells clothes for sizes 14-28.

    I got a dress and a hat courtesy of ELOQUII a few months back. This outfit can be seen on the blog What To Do When You Feel Uninspired By Your Wardrobe.

    Fashion To Figure

    Fashion To Figure | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    I blame all the plus size YouTubers for introducing me to the Fashion To Figure brand. They have some amazing stuff at reasonable prices and I always find something to adore when I go to the Fashion To Figure website. Fashion To Figure has amazing clothes, amazing jeans, and so much more on the site. Fashion To Figure serve sizes 12-24.

    The top in this sponsored post on this blog was from Fashion To Figure: The Happy Arkansan's Fall Essentials With Advil® Liqui-Gels® Minis.

    I also purchased a vest from Fashion To Figure. It can be seen in the post Why I Wish I Took More Photos In College.

    Ashley Stewart

    Ashley Stewart | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    I have never personally shopped at Ashley Stewart, but I have heard amazing things about the brand. Ashley Stewart serves sizes 12-32 which I think is amazing because they help such a wide variety of women with amazing clothing.


    Society+ | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Society+ is another company that I have never purchased from personally, but again, I have heard great things about the quality of their clothes. Society+ offers clothes for a wide range of women sizes 14-32.

    Chic Soul

    Chic Soul | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    This is another shop I have yet to personally shop at. I heard about Chic Soul a while ago through The Mint Julep Boutique. Chic Soul is similar to The Mint Julep Boutique, but it caters to curvier women. Chic Soul sells clothes in sizes 10-22.


    SONCY | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Are you looking for items that will take you from a day at the office to a night out? Soncy has beautiful clothes that are just what you need! Soncy sells clothes in sizes 10-30 that you will fall in love with something on sight.

    Simply Be

    Simply Be | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    If you are looking for a plus-size shop that sells clothes at various different price points, Simply Be is a great shop! Simply Be sells clothing sizes 8-28 so you will find something adorable on their store. They sell everything like tops, dresses, and accessories. You can even get prom and wedding-appropriate dresses from this site.

    Want to see me style a piece from Simply Be? Check out my recent post Holiday Fashion Inspiration With Simply Be.



    Are you looking to beef up your wardrobe with beautiful, high-quality pieces? Look no further than CoEdition! CoEdition serves size 10-28 so you are bound to find something you want to take home with you. No matter if you are looking for a simple piece or a statement, CoEdition has you covered! If you are looking for real style featuring real sizes, you need to add this site to your next shopping spree.

    The best part about CoEdition? It's the first and only plus-size marketplace. That means you can shop 80+ plus size designer brands all in one place. Do you want to save while you check out CoEdition? You are in luck! Use my code AMANDAC20 for 20% off your purchase at CoEdition. You guys will love their fresh assortment of plus-size pieces.


    Kiyonna | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Looking for beautifully unique dresses, blouses, and more? Kiyonna has you covered with amazing clothes that are all American made. Whether you are looking for a cute cocktail dress or a cute top to go with your new pants, you can find it there. Kiyonna sells clothing sizes 10/12-30/32.

    Plus Size Clothes: Stores With Amazing Plus Size Sections

    There are many stores with amazing plus sizes selections. A lot of plus-size only stores have very few physical locations or they are online only. So, here are a few stores that are plus-size friendly in my opinion.

    Old Navy

    Old Navy | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    If you know me at all, you know I LOVE Old Navy. Like, I can't say that enough, y'all. I have been shopping there consistently since the summer before I went to graduate school. My friend Elle reintroduced me to the amazingness of Old Navy when I was going through my last week of college and it sparked a love affair with this brand. I don't usually shop from their plus section because their women's section goes up to size 20 and I am an 18-20 in all of my clothes. They do have a pretty amazing plus size section, though. Old Navy serves women sizes 00-20 in their women's section and 16-30 in their plus section.

    This dress from Why I Wish I Took More Photos In College is from Old Navy.

    I found the romper from this post 12 Ways To Be More Positive Today at Old Navy as well.

    Karen Kane

    Karen Kane | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Karen Kane is the maker of one of my ABSOLUTE favorite pieces in my wardrobe–my extra sparkly dress. I got this in a Gwynnie Bee box if I remember correctly, and I decided to purchase and keep it. It is so beautiful and perfect for any holiday, albeit a bit scratchy, but what sparkly dress isn't scratchy? Karen Kane sells sizes 2-22.

    One of my favorite dresses is from Karen Kane, and you can see it on this blog post: 10 Things All Millennials Should Do During The Holiday Season.


    Forever 21 | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Please do not sleep on Forever21! They have some amazing and cute clothes for sale for plus size ladies! I mean, you can get denim from them that's plus size for as low as $12.90, not on sale! They have amazing prices, even on their plus clothes which is what I love about them. Forever21 sells clothes in sizes XS-3X.

    Shopping plus-size in-store at Forever21 is a hit or a miss honestly. I've gone to some Forever21 stores with sprawling plus-size sections while others have a section so small it made me want to leave immediately and never shop there again. If you want to shop plus at Forever21, go to a bigger store or shop online, or find your size by trying on in-store then going online.

    I got this adorable shirt from Forever21 and I wore this to see Beyonce in Nashville last year as seen on Instagram. Check out this recent piece called Now Listening: 100 More Fantastic Rock Songs And A Floral Outfit Of The Day for the most amazing floral dress from Forever 21!


    ASOS | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    I have never personally shopped from ASOS, but I have heard amazing things about ASOS and ASOS Curve. ASOS Curve sells clothes in sizes 12-26.


    ModCloth | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    While I have never personally shopped from ModCloth, I know that they make amazingly high-quality clothing pieces. One of my fave Instagrammers, Brittney Guest is obsessed with ModCloth and always makes me jealous of all her cute ModCloth clothes and art. ModCloth sells clothes in sizes XXS-4X.


    Dressbarn | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    I don't believe I have ever gotten anything from Dressbarn, but I have browsed at a Dressbarn before and I loved what I saw when I went to the store. Dressbarn has a pretty amazing plus size section though. Dressbarn serves sizes 2-24.


    eShakti | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    A few years ago I worked with eShakti on a collaboration (that's no longer on this blog when I moved from Blogger to WordPress and to be honest, you wouldn't want to see those pictures.) I love the diversity of sizes you can get on the eShakti website, in fact, eShakti serves women size 0-36!


    Maurices | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    When I look back on my time finding places to get super cute plus clothes, Maurices was one of the first companies I got clothing from. I have acquired so many pieces from Maurices over the years, and I will always look at them fondly for opening the gate for me to see all the fun plus size clothing that's out there. Maurices offers size 0-28.

    I got this cute dress from Maurices forever ago. You can see this dress in more detail on the post Why Snacking Is Important In College. Check out a sweater from Maurices in my post A Love Letter To My Readers. Also, check out How To Be Grateful For What You Have (When It Seems Like Others Have More) for a dress from Maurices.


    CATO | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    As far back as I can remember, I have been shopping at Cato because there was one in the town that I am from. I always love checking out the clothes they have in store because I can always find something cute. Cato offers clothes for women size 2-36.

    You can find me wearing some pants from Cato in my post 5 More Things You Should Know Before Graduate School.


    SHEIN | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    You all know that I have a different type of relationship with SheIn, I have posted my honest SheIn review on this website before. The thing is, SheIn does sell quite a few plus clothes if you are looking for more trendy items. The quality isn't always amazing, but the pieces are inexpensive.

    Here are some posts I have made featuring SheIn items:

    Shop Plus Size Fashion at


    JustFab | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    JustFab started as a site for mostly shoes and handbags. Now it has an amazing selection of cute clothes for people of different sizes. The JustFab Plus Shop is filled with tons of cute looks that are perfect for curvy ladies. JustFab sells regular sizes and plus sizes XXL-3X.

    For some great photos of me rocking JustFab looks checks out:

    New VIP Member Exclusive! Get Your First Outfit for $10 + Free Shipping & Exchanges at JustFab!

    Unique Vintage

    Unique Vintage | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Find yourself adoring that vintage style? Want cute clothes based on eras like the 1920s or 1960s? Unique Vintage has all the adorable items you need and they have a pretty sprawling plus size section in case this is something you'd see yourself in. I haven't shopped with Unique Vintage before, but I've heard amazing stuff about the quality of their clothing. Unique Vintage sells items in sizes XS-5X so you are bound to find a vintage-inspired beauty you enjoy.

    Universal Standard

    Universal Standard | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Are you in the market for some high-quality basics that stand the test of time? Universal Standard is a very inclusive company that sells some of the most beautiful clothing I've ever seen. Their items are high-quality and even though they are basic, they will make you feel like a million bucks. Check out a photo of me in a Universal Standard dress on Instagram. Universal Standard sells U.S. sizes 00/0-38/40. They list their sizes differently, so you'll want to check their size chart to make sure you get the size you want. I was purchasing a dress from them recently and almost got a dress that was ten sizes too big because I am used to picking a 2XL in other dresses.


    Loft | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Loft has been making a ton of strides when it comes to creating beautiful clothes for people of various sizes lately. If you've been on the hunt for some amazing workwear, I encourage you to check out what Loft has been doing with Loft Plus lately. Loft sells items in XS-XXL (00-18) in their regular apparel, and they have been creating a plus section that offers items in sizes 16-26.



    I recently got the chance to work with Kohl's on a sponsored post for back-to-school. I am always asked to share more budget-friendly options on this list, and I was honestly shook by their plus-size collection. There isn't a Kohl's near me, so I am not sure what the in-store collection normally looks like, but I am obsessed with their online selection. They have an entire section dedicated to their plus-size offerings, and some items go up to 28/30! Kohl's is also the perfect place for the budget-friendly shopper because they have a generous 15% off when you sign up for their email list, Yes2You rewards that turn into Kohl's cash when you shop, and so much more.

    Plus Size Clothes: Subscription Services

    Lastly, I wanted to leave you with a couple of subscription services you can use for plus size clothing. If you don't like shopping for yourself, you can use these services to shop for you!

    Gwynnie Bee

    Gwynnie Bee | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Gwynnie Bee was one of the first subscription try-on services for plus women I had ever heard of. Gwynnie Bee is great because they actually want you to keep the clothes for as long as you want. If you have a membership, you can keep the clothes. Gwynnie Bee has different plans for being able to have a certain amount of pieces out. The most popular plans are the 1, 2, or 3 pieces out at a time boxes. I currently use the 3 pieces out at a time plan.

    You get the clothes, try them on, wear them to your events, etc. Then you can send back what you are done with. The purpose isn't always to get you to buy. You can purchase your clothes at a discount if you want to. Gwynnie Bee offers clothes for women in a range of sizes. They used to exclusively focus on plus-size items, but now they have expanded. They carry various sizes depending on the brand but there is still a ton of plus-size options as well as regular sizes.

    This subscription introduced me to my favorite kimono of all time from BB Dakota. I got this kimono in a box and it wore on my mind. A few months later I picked this up on sale at another store. You can see this kimono in the post Why Snacking Is Important In College.

    Dia & Co

    Dia & Co | 20+ Places To Get Amazing Plus Size Clothes

    Dia & Co is quite different from Gwynnie Bee in that the purpose is to expand your at-home wardrobe, not swap out their pieces. So, you have a personal shopper with Dia & Co who picks a box full of things for you to try on and see if you want to keep them. You get to have them at home for a certain length of time, but they are due back to Dia & Co in 5 days. Dia & Co provides clothing for women size 14-32.

    HuffPost has also put together a great list of subscription services that cater to curvy women!


    So, there you have it. This post took me hours to compile, but I am so proud of the final result. I hope that this post will help all my curvy followers find beautiful clothes that speak to them. You should never feel less confident just because you have more meat on your bones.

    Did I miss an important company? Let me know because I want to put them on the list! Where is your go-to place for plus size clothing?

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  • Stacey childers June 8, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    As a bigger girl I have to say we need clothes that are affordable. Some of these are outrageous. What about a pair of cute in style Jean’s for 25 bucks or a cute dress for under 50?

    • Amanda Cross June 9, 2019 at 4:04 am

      I get what you mean by this. Plus-size clothes can be expensive. I find with the expensive items, though, they are usually very high-quality pieces. I am personally trying to get away from buying cheap pieces all the time because I know they won’t last but a few washes. There are a few cheaper priced places to shop on this list. I’d mostly look in the section for stores with plus-size sections. I think Old Navy, Forever 21, ASOS, and SheIn all have some cheaper clothing. I also know Rainbow ( has some affordable clothing. All of these sites have sales multiple times a year for buying their clothes at a discount. When major shopping holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, et cetera come around those are always great sales days. I also love Gwynnie Bee, it’s an investment, but it’s like an unlimited closet throughout the month where you can get new pieces all the time, and they are usually super quality pieces. This list is definitely not exhaustive, but I’ve tried a good bulk of these, and I try to keep the length of this post somewhat reasonable.

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